Futaba 10C Radio Modified For Spektrum Module Compatibility


The Futaba 10C radio (non-module version) is [Tom]’s transmitter of choice. Unfortunately,  it isn’t compatible with the Spektrum DSM2 technology modules he wanted to use. So, being the crafty guy he is, he decided to hack it so it was.

Upon opening the Futaba transmitter, he realized that the non-module version of the 10C didn’t really seem that different than a module version. His transmitter just has a pcb hardwired in place where the modules would otherwise go. He soldered a 4 conductor audio jack to the unused pins on the pcb in the transmitter, then mounted it in the case with some J.B. Weld. He then wired and mounted the receiving jack in the module case. A small 6 inch audio cable bridges the two devices, and velcro holds them neatly together.

He discovered that certain modules have problems with the channels being out of order. Unless someone comes up with a firmware hack, there’s no way to remap the controls. So, some modules are just not compatible. [Tom] gives a very nice video walkthrough after the break. Check it out.

4 thoughts on “Futaba 10C Radio Modified For Spektrum Module Compatibility

  1. “He discovered that certain modules have problems with the channels being out of order.”

    You could easily swap the connections from the potentiometers to the main board. Won’t work if you need a pot on channel 8 while only 1-4 accept analog values, though.

  2. You can now get a USB programming cable for the Orange module and change the channel order. As soon as I did that I sold the DM8 and haven’t looked back. That remote antenna is unbelievably annoying in use.

    Now that my week old DX9 has died I have lost all faith in Spektrum and will be going back to Futaba. Thanks to your experimentation I know how I can replace the Futaba transmitter with the board out of the Orange module and life will be good.

  3. Has any one been able to fully hack the Hubsan FPV radio transmitter? i want to know what will happen if i flush it and write a new programme with eepe. will the video still work? or how do i upgrade the firmware so as to use all the switches and nobs on the transmitter radio

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