3D Printing Sensor Mounts For The Oculus Rift

While browsing an oculus rift thread on reddit, I saw someone mention how nice it would be to have some actual mounts for external sensors on their Rift. The idea is that adding additional sensors or cameras will allow us to expand the capabilities of the rift. With something like the Razor Hydra, you can add quick positional tracking (the rift only tracks rotation, not position). With some webcams, you could theoretically do some stereoscopic augmented reality.  Unfortunately, attaching all these things to the rift is a bit of a pain at the moment.

I had all the things right here in front of me to make this happen, so I did! I’ve quickly tossed together two accessories for the Rift.

1. a small bracket that feeds onto the velcro on the back. People will likely use this for “heavy” position sensors. They may be fairly light, but any additional weight on the front of the rift is unwanted.

2. A snap-on face plate that has a modular design. This wold be for mounting cameras on the front of the rift.

All of these files can be downloaded here.

7 thoughts on “3D Printing Sensor Mounts For The Oculus Rift

  1. I had an idea for someone with some hacking wit. and an oculus

    You could consider mounting a FPV camera with several servos and make them move as you move the oculus, and then post process the feed to give the oculus depth effect.

    Or…Make a rack housing sevral fpvs that pretty much cover 180* viewing angle then by software move the oculus feed around an array of video feeds, I was thinking this would be a great experiment in order to bring 3d Sports where you could move around and see where ever you wanted to.

    1. Planning to do exactly this. I’m going to start with two 808 #16 lens D camera’s mounted with the proper interpupillary distance. Only thing I haven’t figured out is how to get them both displayed on the same screen with low latency.

  2. About the Hydra, magneto tracking is really cool and works very well to relative changes in position. So does the hydra really work when trying to figure out where you are? I’ve never played with the hydra so I don’t know how good things are now days.

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