Off The Shelf EEG Hardware Records Your Dreams


Over the past few years, we’ve seen [Michael]’s adventures in electronics and lucid dreaming. With commercial EEG hardware, [Michael] is able to communicate from inside his dreams with Morse code and record his rhythmic blinking for data analysis when he wakes up. His project is called Lucid Scribe, and now it’s open to just about everyone – including brain experimenters with OpenEEG hardware.

OpenEEG is a project that aims to reduce the cost of EEG hardware by providing the hardware, electrodes, software, and documentation to build your own EEG headset. It’s a great tool in the field of biofeedback, but [Michael] is going one step further; he’s busy writing an algorithm that will detect REM sleep and play an audio track while he’s in a dream state to trigger a lucid dream.

[Michael] points out that anyone with OpenEEG hardware including the DIY Olmex board can contribute to his Lucid Scribe database. You might also get some lucid dreaming time in, but then you’ll have to wake to the crushing reality of real life.

28 thoughts on “Off The Shelf EEG Hardware Records Your Dreams

  1. Cool, now i really need to get myself some EEG equipment. I would really like to play around with this myself, I can push myself into a lucid dream / obe on command (dosnt matter when or where anymore, all i need is about 5-20 minutes). Would be really interesting to see how my brain activity changes during that time.

    Also, the morse code idea sounds really fun, gonna need to try that out for myself.

      1. I slept a lot when i was a kid because lots of illness and was literally thrown into them without wanting too. I remember it scared the shit out of me, So i’ve been avoiding them for years. it wasn’t before two years ago i understood what was happening. (i had a few obe’s without trying, so i googled what i experienced and found out about the ld/obe world) I’ve only used one method to do it ever since and perfected it to the point where it dosnt matter if i sit or lay down.

        I simply relax my body and consentrate on how it feels, and try to remember how being in sleep paralasys feels like. after about five minutes my im in partial paralasys, only my face is not in paralysis. Then i start to imagine where i want to be (like a beach/on top of a mountain) and start to build it visually in my mind, after a short while i feel like im floating over my bed or thrown around the room while i loose control of my facial muscles. And suddenly it feels like i’m jerked stright up and squeezed trough a tube at crazy speeds before i suddenly pop out in complete darkness, floating around while the dreamworld unfolds around me as i watch.

        1. This is really interesting, freak. By OBE do mean that your point of view is outside your body, while still being in familiar or ‘real’ surroundings, such as your bedroom? Have you ever done experiments to determine if you’re able to perceive information while in an OBE that you couldn’t otherwise know? For example, if you had someone place a piece of paper with something written on it in a place that you couldn’t see from your physical position, would you be able to ‘see’ the note while in an OBE and then report the contents? If so, I know of some ESP researchers who would likely be very interested to hear about this.

          1. Yes, I mean as in out of my body. Sometimes I lay down and “wake up” in the same spot in the dream, I sit up, look behind me just to see myself sleeping and it feels like im leaving my own body like a ghost of some sort. Once in a while some of my limbs feels like they’re stuck in my original body, the simplest way i’ve found to get around this is to look away and imagine myself a one. (just pretending i have a new arm or leg that’s not stuck)

            On the question about perceiveing information from the outside while in a obe. I dont belive in anything supernatural, but i’ve tried similar things. Reading a note from the “real world” within the obe is impossible as far as i’m concerned. Reading anything inside a dream is really hard by it self, since the part of your brain that deals with logic is basicly turned off while dreaming. The text might simply change into something else or disappear at any given time. Also, you’ll have to be very familiar to a place for it to be 100% accurate from the real world, since it’s built from your memories, in short, it’s not real, but it sometimes feels hyper-realistic. I’ve been tricked a few times, thinking that i just woke up, so I go brush my teeth and the rest of my morning routine and everything feels completely normal until i realize that the clock on the wall goes backwards, or that i have an elephant in my living room.

            However, you might be able to pick up sounds from the outside. I recently listened to an audiobook (A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss) while I was in a lucid dream, to be honest it was kinda trippy. The readers voice felt like it vibrated trough the air and at the same time inside me, and my subconsciousness dynamicly built and teared down the world around me according to what was said.

            tl;dr. Yes, as in outside my body in my bedroom or ‘real’ surroundings and i’ve tried what you suggested quite a few times earlier on, but no. There’s nothing supernatural going on here, it’s all in my head.

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