Breakout Board For $11 LCD Module With Small Pitch


[Ibrahim] picked this little LCD module out because of its price point and resolution. In single units you can grab one of the 128×32 pixel displays for just $11. The only problem is that the pinout is too small to use with a breadboard. He whipped up a breakout board for it that throws in some extras.

First off, we like it that the board doesn’t add much to the part’s outline. What it does add is a Low-DropOut voltage regulator and a level converter. The upper range of the LCD’s input voltage is 3.3V, and these added parts make it possible to drive the device using 5V hardware like the Arduino Uno pictured above. While he was adding in parts he included a MOSFET to switch the backlight. This way he can use PWM for dimming as well.

We usually hit eBay when looking for LCD screens. A search for the NHD-C12832 part number didn’t turn it up. We tried out FindChips for the first time (owned by Supply Frame who just bought Hackaday) and it works just as well as Octopart which we’re more familiar with since we’ve seen some hacking of that site before.

8 thoughts on “Breakout Board For $11 LCD Module With Small Pitch

  1. Too small, B & W only, and still more expensive than much better color LCD. Makes no sense to me.
    Example:×220-Dots-262K-Colors-4-IO-Needed-/171016720957 and it uses SPI. I had 4 of these without adapter. They also offer different resolutions. However they are clearly not intended for landscape orientation.
    There is also linux framebuffer driver for raspberry Pi:

    I really don’t understand why are most B&W LCDs so expensive, compared to much more advanced color ones. Especially HD44780 based ones.

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