Soundball Bumps To Your Tunes


Meet soundball, a hobby electronics project when replaces a disco ball with one made of LEDs (translated) going every which way. This image shows the device before being injected into an enclosure. The final offering is a white project box with a hole in the top through which the diffuser covered blinky ball is supported.

The main board hosts a collection of the usual suspects: an ATmega328, an MSGEQ7 equalizer, a couple of TLC5940 LED drivers, and a footprint for a Bluetooth Shield. The equalizer chip provides [Cornelius] the audio analysis used to generate light patterns that go along with the music.  But he can still control the lights manually with a button on the case or by connecting to it via Bluetooth.

Swap out the LED drivers for some solid state relays and you can blink your Christmas lights to the music.


7 thoughts on “Soundball Bumps To Your Tunes

      1. While on the subject of audio and tinkering, the NE567 or LM567 used to be popular too

        “The NE/SE567 tone and frequency decoder is a highly stable phase-locked loop with synchronous AM lock detection and power output circuitry.
        Its primary function is to drive a load whenever a sustained frequency within its detection band is present at the self-biased input.
        The bandwidth center frequency and output delay are independently determined by means of four external components.:”

        Goes for about €1.-

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