Wrist-mounted Flamethrower On The Cheap


Everyone wants to be Iron Man these days, but without a spare arc reactor lying around, you’ll have to settle on building a backup suit component. [Xavier] documents his take on the wrist-mounted flamethrower in this dirt-cheap and unquestionably dangerous build. Cobbled together from parts found at a local hardware store, this glove has the typical “ready” setting with a small flame that, upon turning one’s wrist, erupts into a loud and large swath of flames. We suspect the mask worn in the video below doubles as identity protection and to prevent accidental hair conflagrations. Skip to the end for a demonstration.

Though not the first flamethrower build at Hackaday, [Xavier’s] is the only one with a guide and is certainly the cheapest. Be sure to look into the second generation of the Prometheus flame thrower and its subsequent third version that we featured a couple of years back. Not everyone’s flamethrower is wrist-mounted; some people put them inside a trombone. Remember, don’t try this at home.

18 thoughts on “Wrist-mounted Flamethrower On The Cheap

  1. I feel obligated to mention: I’m aware that this wrist mount bears closer resemblance to Pyro’s from the X-Men movie moreso than the flamethrower in the first Iron Man film. (Though, I can’t remember if Tony’s makeshift hardware store suit had a flamethrower in the third film, but if I remember correctly, the one from the first had the fire shooting out from the top of the wrist.)

    Regardless, the Youtube video’s title cites Iron Man as the inspiration. Keep your seats, nerd police!

    1. That I have never seen the referance movies may officially make me an old fart. Beyond that it could be possible to be inspired by on movie, to have your own device end up similar to one in another movie, even if the build had seen both?

    1. Then again many if not most of the projects feature here are constructed by those whose face we never see. I don’t see your face, nor you mine, does that mean Hackaday shouldn’t support our comments?

    2. Butane doesn’t combust at oxygen concentrations less than 12%. So the flame front can’t travel back into the line or cylinder. And it won’t blow up, despite your sadistic desire to see [Xavier] self-immolate.

  2. Turning the canisters upside down to light the liquid fuel should be a more impressive display. I wonder when someone will light hand sanitizer squirting from a nozzle to make an actual flame thrower? Not that that I care one way or another, all this are burners with a big flame, IMO.

  3. On another forum I frequent, about a month ago a member had his overalls catch fire from an angle grinder spark. He had burns to most of his body. Forum members were ket up to date with his progress through the skin grafts, and he was kept in an artificially-induced coma for much of the time. A fortnight ago the forum learned that sadly he did not survive his horrific injuries.

    Having something like this on your body is asking for trouble.

  4. And I immediately note the fuel canister is a little too close for comfort to the heat output of the glove. Think I’d move that around to the back of the arm.

    Clever build, other than that.

  5. For all of you who have mentioned “It’s dangerous” “He’ll blow up”, please, for the love of God, will you do your research prior to posting judgmental comments? I can assure you that I am safe and no accidents have ever occurred.

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