$25 coupon code for Texas Instruments store


If you’ve been coveting a piece of Texas Instruments hardware you should put in an order before September 30th. A coupon code for $25 off a purchase was posted to the Stellaris ARM Community forums and it should work until that date. Above is the overview of an order placed yesterday for two Tiva Launchpads (apparently TI has rebranded the Stellaris chips as Tiva for some odd reason). After applying the coupon code “National-1yr” the total price of [BravoV’s] order is just under one dollar (including shipping). The coupon code can be entered into a box on the right hand column of step #3 (payment) when placing an order.

UPDATE: There are now multiple comments reporting that the coupon code no longer works.

We’re pretty sure you can use this coupon code on anything in the TI store. But if you don’t have a Stellaris/Tiva Launchpad yet we highly recommend getting one. We picked ours up about a year ago. It’s a great way to try your hand at ARM programming. We have had some issues with how the breakout headers are organized — there’s some gotchas with multiple pins being connected (read the last five paragraphs of the project write up linked in this post for more). But for the price and ease of programming this will get you up and coding in no time. If you need some ideas of what to do with the board look at our posts tagged as “Stellaris”.

[Thanks Vlad]

108 thoughts on “$25 coupon code for Texas Instruments store

  1. Ladies and gentlemen. It wasn’t a coupon meant for thousands of people (i.e. every hackaday reader), that’s why it’s been canceled completely.

    I’m lucky, I heard about it a couple days before it was posted here and I got some good stuff, knowing that somehow it would get to the blogs and be canceled. :) Sorry for the others that the coupon was intended for that missed out (National customers).

  2. *DAMMIT!!!* Too busy to read Hackaday for just ONE DAY and I miss out on this! And to top it off, the EZ430-RF2500 just happens to be in stock for the first time in recent memory, too. :(

    Oh well, I’ve still barely touched any of the launchpads or anything I already have. :S

  3. I just got Email confirmation that my order i waiting to bee shipped. My order failed after entering credit card information. SO maybe a lot more people are lucky to get there order also.
    Wonder how much this promotion has cost TI.

  4. Ya’ll remember last time. when hackaday post these coupon codes It overloads TI’s servers and they wind up killing the coupon because they loose to much money.

    It’s there fault. If they wanted to limit the coupon to a certain audience they shouldn’t make it so easy to share

  5. Just this morning I got an email from TI with info for a 2nd and 3rd coupon order that are being processed for me (first is already in route for delivery). Seems my incessant hammering on the checkout button while the site was flooded with traffic actually worked… too well! Hopefully this didn’t screw anybody out of their chance to get some cool gear – if TI doesn’t cancel the extra orders on their own, I will be donating a few MSP430’s to the local hackerspace for karma’s sake.

    Anybody else get confirmation of a second (or more?) successful order using the coupon, or am I the only lucky bastard in the lot?

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