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I had the opportunity last Thursday to visit the Milwaukee Makerspace. I took along a video camera and had a great time on a tour guided by [Brant], [Matt], and [Vishal]. We’ve actually seen quite a number of reputable hacks come from this group already. A couple that come to mind include beer dispenser security and a bottle-free water cooler. This tour shows off a lot of the cool stuff going on at the space. Don’t miss the video after the break, but we’ll also give you the gist of it if you’re looking for a quick rundown:

We start off looking at their craft area, wall of fame (including all their Power Racing Series medals) and laser cutter room. From there we take a peek at one of the big rooms that serves as for-rent floor space and pallet storage. This part of the tour includes a look at Red Lotus and Big Jake-stein, two of the PRS cars used this season. The storage tour rounds up with a look at their set of 19 vaults — these are like deep self-storage closets for members. The space spices things up with awards for best vault of the month.

Moving on to the next large space we encounter this huge Kuka KR 30 industrial robot arm that they acquired for free! A room has been built around the 2500 pound beast for safety and they are working on building their own controller for it. Right now it’s got a jig that holds a spindle motor making it a CNC router. This enclosure is in a larger space that makes up the machine shop and welding area. Through a door is a woodshop that includes a big panel saw which they pick up on Craig’s List. The tour wraps up with a walk-through of the electronics den and a tour of the 3D Printer hangout.

12 thoughts on “Hackerspace Tour: Milwaukee Makerspace

  1. A couple of Saturdays ago Milwaukee Makerspace hosted Milwaukee Makerfest. I went down there and had a great time. Their space, tools, and equipment were just awesome but even more awesome were the Milwaukee Makerspace members. All the members I talked to were very friendly and just a ball to hang out with. I would highly recommend to any one who visits or lives in Milwaukee, WI to pay them a visit.

  2. After going through their content on the web I’m left wit far out people creating a far out space. Also I’m left with that much space (if I heard 16,000 sq. ft. correctly) combined with their Winters, you gotta dress warmly, particularly in the larger open shop spaces.

  3. I may be wrong here…
    But when I inquired (a year or so ago) about “stopping by while I was in town to take a look”, such “tours” were only available week nights, and most of my MKE visits are weekends…

  4. Hi Ren, we have a weekly meeting every Tuesday night at 7pm and anyone can come to that. We’ll introduce you to members and give you a tour. Thursdays at 7pm are open work nights, and you can also come in then for a tour. If you really want to stop by on a weekend, post something on our public mailing list or try our info@ email and we’ll try to show you around.

  5. off topic: could MMS stop sending me email notifications..I.ve sent you this request in writing and emailed you in writing 3X. Last time i was at a meeting it was room full of nerds with bad manners and B.O.

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