Trinket Contest Update #3


We’re still receiving tons of Trinket contest entries (here’s a link to the last update). After the break you’ll find another dozen that were sent in. If you’re waiting to see your own appear here please be patient as we’ve got a lot to wade through. If you haven’t sent in an offering yet you’ve got to get it in before Friday!

The contest asks you slap the Hackaday logo onto something for a chance at winning one of 20 Trinket dev boards donated by Adafruit for this contest.


WE haven’t seen a ton of large-format entries which is why we wanted to share [Tobbe’s] submission. He put the Skull and Wrenches up on a 6m by 3m (about 20’x10′) screen at a night club in Stockholm.

trinket-maglite-projector[Mark] turned the logo into the bat hack signal by 3D printing a stencil which fits over a Maglite

trinket-lvds-transplantHere’s another LCD hack entry. [Harold] swapped out the controller on this old screen. He didn’t use one of the LVDS replacement controllers which would have been the easy route. Instead he hacked his own driver for the panel. We’d actually be quite interested in hearing all the gritty details. Hopefully he’ll write up the entire project and send us a link!

Here’s a diy LED matrix which [Mike] soldered up. It’s 16×24 and uses three HT16K33 breakout boards to address the LEDs. If he’s a winner [Mike] wants to drive the display using a Trinket board. Here’s a better look at the front and back of the project.

trinket-leather-walletThis is a mesh of tiny logos laser etched by [Chris] into his leather wallet. He morbidly comments that burning leather smells exactly like burning flesh.


[David] etched the winning T-shirt design from many years ago into a small scrap of mirror. He uses a 1 Watt blue laser, coating the mirror with Sharpie before etching and cleaning it with alcohol afterwards.


Yep, that’s the logo engraved onto a dime. Wow! [Scott] has problems with backlash and to get the best results possible he set the CNC up to use scan lines. This way the slop is all in the same direction. Zoom out. Further.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[Leandro] etched the logo using toner transfer. This specimen is about 10mm square.

trinket-side-of-carAnd finally, [Kevin] printed the logo on transparent sticker paper at his local copy shop. Here it is proudly displayed on the front fender of his hoopty.

trinket-50um[Martin], you’ve won a Trinket! He used equipment in his lab to make this unfathomably small offering. It was done with a focused ion beam. Of the many sizes he included in his submission the smallest was 1um wide. But we picked this one because it’s so well-defined.

trinket-halloween-projector[Bobby] is getting ready for Halloween and is using a projector as part of his setup. He heard about the contest and didn’t have the side of a building to use as a projection surface. Instead he used the side of a hill.

trinket-etched-keychainWe really like the keychain which [Rohit] etched. It’s the T-shirt design (like the mirror etching above) and he gets three tones by having bare copper, bare substrate, and solder-covered copper. For those warning of lead and corrosion you just need a few clear coast of spray epoxy and you’ll be set!

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  1. You should circulate some more of those coins freak some people out. also what happened to that guy that made the robotic tattoo machine shouldn’t he ink that HAD logo to his arm ;)

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