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Congratulations to the winners of the first Hackaday Hackerspace Henchmen series. We asked hackerspace members to send us stories about CNC hacks. Here’s a roundup of the three winners:

[Rich] from the Connecticut Hackerspace gets the top spot having sent in the story of their desktop CNC mill hacks. He gets a $50 gift card to the parts vendor of his choosing.

[Barnaby] is also a winner for sharing the story of how they hacked a script to translate G-Code into the proprietary format accepted by the desktop CNC mill at rlab.

And [Tim’s] submission showed how a movable storage base was built for the CNC carving machine at The Rabbit Hole.

We had hoped for more entries and planned to send out stickers to all and shirts to the top five. We’ll be sending both shirts and stickers to the three winners. We’re undecided as to whether we should continue the HHH program with a new theme. We’d love to hear what you think about it in the comments section.

18 thoughts on “HHH: CNC Winners

    1. Probably wouldn’t take it too well. About a year ago, I had to run back to my car in the parking garage when I accidentally left a pair of water pump pliers in my carry on tool bag. Something about part of the tool being longer than 7″ got the TSA lady’s attention.

      1. btw, are you guys really keeping this TSA nonsense from now on until forever, or is there a chance you people finally stand up and end this theater play on your airports? I mean, you really should do something against it. They walk all over you and took advantage of your fear after 911. If you tolerate this then your children will be next (Manic Street Preachers).

      1. I am assuming that quite a number of us readers aren’t part of a hackerspace. As much as I’d like to, there aren’t any around my area. That immediately drops the number of people who can join in. Second, the closest hackerspace to me (over an hour and a bit drive away) doesn’t own anything cnc. The closest they get is one of their members brings a 3d printer if someone requests it.

        So even if I wanted to participate, I can’t get access to a hackerspace, and even if I did, they don’t deal with the topic at hand.

  1. I would like to see HHH continue, I wish I was able to get my write-up done in time to enter. My groups situation is that we cannot afford the $1400+ rent per month to get a decent sized space on Long Island, so instead we band together to work on projects (our most recent: http://youtu.be/Shh5qSoyHrs) and share our living/shop spaces. I have a full CNC shop set up at my parents house, with a laser cutter/3d printer/ small 4-axis mill in my “dining room” of my apartment. Other members have full electronics shops, woodworking setups, empty garages, etc which we share during our group projects…. I think this method would describe many more groups that don’t have the opportunity to have a full Hackerspace. I’ll be moving to AZ next year and will hopefully be close enough to a true hackerspace to participate. Until then our “Hacker-fragmented-space” will continue to clutter our living quarters and annoy our significant others.

    1. The write-up I was talking about is this: http://www.phil-source.com/ . My group has used this Full-spectrum laser cutter on several projects and I would highly recommend it to any groups looking for one. Which to add to my original point, the money I used to purchase this laser cutter would have only rented a space for 3.5 months out here on Long Island.

    2. Something of note – The Rabbit Hole is in our house’s basement :p. We don’t have the funds (and don’t charge except for pizza and soda) for an “official” space. But we still meet weekly, and have tons of projects come out of the space. So for those who may have available space in their home, why not start the hackerspace there?

    3. Perhaps HAD should look into virtual hackerspaces. They have done a series of articles on hackerspaces in Europe, why not virtual/Distrubuted ones. May help others set up their own.

  2. I check HAD every day and never saw anything about submissions for this. Honestly it is for purely selfish reasons. I just need motivation. My machine is done but I am still working out kinks. Pics and video on fb-stuff.com.

    Also, just found a great flash CAM program called Maker cam. Works.

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