Fubarino Contest Example: A Sneaky IRC Bot


You may have heard about Hackaday’s contest to win one of 20 Fubarino boards. We included an example entry from [Mike]. Here’s my example entry for the contest: An IRC search Bot powered by a Wicked Device WildFire board. We’ve all seen IRC bot’s before, but how many have you seen that can turn on an LED while running off a cell phone battery?

The IRC bot’s operation is fairly straightforward. It enters a channel and can be commanded to search.  The first two searches will return links to Google searches for the strings given.  Every third search however, will return a link to Hackaday’s search page. In the example below, “SedAwk” is an unsuspecting user, and “SearchRobot” is our bot.

SedAwk: SearchRobot: SEARCH Unicorns
SearchRobot: Search Complete! https://www.google.com/#q=Unicorns
SedAwk: SearchRobot: SEARCH Rainbows
SearchRobot: Search Complete! https://www.google.com/#q=Rainbows
SedAwk: SearchRobot: SEARCH Quadcopters
SearchRobot: Search Complete! http://hackaday.com/?s=Quadcopters
SedAwk: What the heck?

Follow along after the break to see what other tricks the bot has up its sleeve…

The bot will also respond to “HELP, SHOW, ECHO”  The real fun starts when the bot is placed into “1337” mode

SedAwk: SearchRobot: 1337
SearchRobot: 1337 H4x0r Mode ENGAGED.

The bot will now send all searches to Hackaday.

To turn off 1337 mode, the user simply has to tell the bot it is a Lamer

SedAwk: SearchRobot: LAMER
SearchRobot: 1337 H4x0r Mode DISENGAGD. Returning to Lamer status.

The WildFire has a white LED connected to the D5 output. The LED is controlled with LED ON, and LED OFF.

SedAwk: SearchRobot: LED ON
SearchRobot: Turning On an LED, because I'm an Arduino after all
SedAwk: SearchRobot: LED OFF
SearchRobot: Turning OFF an LED. Someday I'll grow up to be a 6502

I freely admit this code was hacked together from several sources, and it may well violate all standards of good programming, as well as space, time, and the laws of physics. Thankfully as a Hackaday contributor I’m not eligible for the contest. If you would like to take a look at the code check out the Github repo.

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