Modifying A PS4 Dualshock4 Controller To Use A Mouse And Keyboard

[Mori] wanted to use his keyboard and mouse to play his favorite games on the PS4, so he decided to modify his Dualshock4 controller to feed it custom input signals.

In the heart of this build is an STM32F407 discovery board, which is connected to a USB hub. To perform this hack, [Mori] tore open the Dualshock4 controller to find the PCB traces coming from the sticks and buttons. He then used the STM32F407 and 2 Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) to create similar signals. Unfortunately for us, [Mori] only released the schematics but not the firmware. Our guess is that he had to configure the microcontroller as a USB host, enumerate the mouse/keyboard, parse the HID reports and feed the controller the corresponding inputs.

We embedded a video of the hack in action after the break. If you own a PS4, you may also want to see how to disable the Dualshock LEDs.

14 thoughts on “Modifying A PS4 Dualshock4 Controller To Use A Mouse And Keyboard

    1. Well 50$ (70$ for the extreme) for something like this really is kinda steep. I can see why he spared himself the costs and went to something where he could even learn something new from. I concur him for that decision. Not your average COD Player.

      1. hey,,thanks man,, but i have a little problem here…i don’t have the seller at my place..can u by it for me and post for me,,im from malaysia i give u the money u by it and send it to me.. can u?

        1. Thats very trusting. I think if you contacted Tuacts support they will probably work something out seeing you are a stones through from where it is made. I purchased there beta version directly through Tuact instead of a reseller. So, if you have a paypal account, i think they might oblige.

  1. how would one go about making their own? i cant seem to find any simple instructions for this. i dont know enough about this topic to just simply be able to do it myself on my own.

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