Fubarino Contest: Serial Data Transmission


[Jesus] is helping his cousin learn about microcontrollers. Right now they’re on the subject of serial communications, which turned into a nice way to add a Hackaday Easter Egg.

Using and FTDI chip in conjunction with the PIC 18F4550 (it’s a little soon for them to tackle implementing USB directly) the serial data is shown in a terminal window. At the same time the binary value of each byte is flashed on the PORTD LEDs. When the chip receives the characters “hack” it immediately echos back the recommendation to check out the awesomeness that is Hackaday. He posted the code used in this example as a Gist.

This is an entry in the Fubarino Contest for a chance at one of the 20 Fubarino SD boards which Microchip has put up as prizes!

14 thoughts on “Fubarino Contest: Serial Data Transmission

  1. Yeah, okay, I gotta say, this crap is making me lose respect for this website.

    First off, this isn’t an easter egg since the project has no other functionality. Easter eggs are hidden features that you stumble upon, usually by accident. Otherwise you don’t even know they’re there, because the product is too busy doing something else (that is presumably useful).

    Second, I have no idea what a “fubarino” is, but it immediately makes me think of some hipster tilt on the word “FUBAR”. For the unenlightened, FUBAR is a military term that typically means “F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition”. So when I see “Fubarino”, I can’t help but think it means someone FUBAR’d something up (“Oh snap, Jimmy gone and fubarino’d that thing up real good”).

    Third, really, the whole point of this contest is downright lame. I’m sorry, but it just is. Why are you making people mess up their projects and insert hackaday advertising into them? What is the point of that?

    Seriously, it might be cool if it was just a general “easter egg” contest- ie, insert the konami code on a control pad and get a game of Breakout or something. Or maybe the easter egg drives some servos in a particular manner that plays out The Imperial March. I dunno, whatever, but plastering links to this website everywhere is pretty dumb and extremely boring.

    So really, I don’t know how other to describe this whole situation other then “extremely lame”.

    1. Which means it is rapidly getting to the point where there is NOTHING to read at all here. (Seems that this little contest is completely subverting it’s own intent.)

      I agree with ScottishCaptain, all the “f*cked-up-rino” posts are getting out of hand. The first few were somewhat interesting and clever, now it’s just narcissistic. Collect them all onto a specific page, give *ONE* post linking to it, and get on with what this site is supposed to be about.

      1. That’s probably a good idea. Put them in their own section, and give them a mention in a digest-style, weekend-style post. Since they all do the same thing, flashing up HaD, it makes a bit of a repetitive read, and some of the projects are a bit thin and not necessarily as intereresting as the usual standard. I think a couple are just made up for the sake of winning the contest, and don’t do much otherwise.

        And if I see that stupid FUBAR name again I’ll probably kill my family.

  2. Unfortunately some of them are really cool projects that I tend to skip because of the tag. Like the soldering controller.
    I kind of get the point, free publicity in exchange for a pretty nice dev board. However, this got boring after one day. Why not just reward nice projects and have the owner hold up a poster of HAD instead?

  3. I’m a entry level microcontroller enthusiast, and all these projects seems interesting to me. I just can´t understand why on every post (!!!) on Hackaday there is aways those comments from people who seems to have studied quantum physics on the first grade. C´mon guys….

    (sorry for the bad english…)

    1. Nobody is saying it’s not ok to post simpler projects. But at least IMHO this is not a ‘contest’ entry and a lot of the stuff actually isn’t. Someone just had the last straw with this entry and a few more (including me) chimed in.

      It doesn’t matter so much but to me it looks just like someone wearing socks with sandals. There’s no point in arguing with them as it’s a matter of taste in the end.

      By the way, I’m happy with the idea of the ‘contest’ because it pushes more people to do stuff that they otherwise wouldn’t do. It just that… forget it…

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