Self-Balancing Uni-board?


There are skateboards, long boards, and snowboards. This was originally a snowboard, but we’re not quite sure how to classify it now… Introducing the Segbot Snowboard.

[Steve Ghertner] has been playing around with accelerometers lately and decided to try making something practical. He’s taken a snowboard and turned it into a two-wheeled, segway-like balancing board. The two parallel wheels are powered individually by 12V scooter motors. An Arduino Uno takes care of processing the data from a MPU-6050, which is a triple axis gyro and accelerometer.

You can control the board by leaning, or  by using a small two-button remote. He hasn’t taken it very far out of the lab yet, but plans to after cleaning up the programming a bit.

Stick around for the following video where he explains it at his local hackerspace in Nashville, the Middle TN Robotic Arts Society where members strive to “Control Them (robots) Before They Control You!”

Interested in more self-balancing setups? We’ve seen quite a few homemade segways before, but take a look at this ridiculous Dodecapod Personal Transportation Device!

8 thoughts on “Self-Balancing Uni-board?

  1. it looks a lot like that OneWheel thing that was at CES this year but a lot safer considering how long it is. heck he could add “training wheels” to it with simple cut off switches to it won’t catch a piece of pavement and hurl the rider and it would safely come to a stop when they bottom it out. I’d buy one, good for him

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