Auto Roll-up Tool Storage

Auto Roll-up Tool Storage

[Anred’s] got the right idea. Everybody and their mother has a toolbox: rectangular, wooden, crowded. You’re not impressing anyone with that old thing. Instead, why not spice it up by rolling it up, with a tool case that spins to store in style?

This storage hack seems to draw its inspiration from field medic roll-up bags, where everything’s laid out for easy access with a quick toss. [Anred] started by taking inventory of all the items he wanted to use on a regular basis, organizing them across a sturdy fabric. Next, he marked all the mounting spots and affixed some elastic material with needle and thread to hold each tool in place. The tools then roll up around a center rod, like an upside-down pull curtain.

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure how [Anred] rigged the center bar to roll, but it seems to be spring-driven. Perhaps one of our discerning readers can work it out and clue us in with a reply in the comments. Our favorite feature, however, is the clever use of the pull-out rod. To unroll the tools, you grab the top rod and pull it tight, securing it to something above. When you lower it back down to close up the roll, however, the top rod fits under two brackets, providing a convenient handle to carry the whole assembly. Check out the videos below.

8 thoughts on “Auto Roll-up Tool Storage

  1. interesting. :)
    the outer frame leaves some to be desired, maybe use a normal toolbag with it’s pockets for that?
    What I like about the roll-up tool mat things is actually the lack of a frame at all. If he reduced the outer frame to just a pull handle so that opening the thing was just like working an exercise bungie maybe that would seem less awkward? Either way it’s got me thinking about it so good job.

  2. It sorta begs for soemthing to keep out, yet organized and out of the way, just the tools your using for what your Immediatly doing. something to help not clutter your workspace with the tools your swapping between. What kinda thing might a person use for something like that? I bet it would be really complicated. I bet 7 robotic arms could do it. I’d bet the 7 robotic arms could be made out of pvc pipe. I’d bet I have issues.

  3. This would be a cool solution for electronic parts. Lay a piece of transparent vinyl on one side of a roll-up blind, sew it in a grid, slit the vinyl at the top of each square to make a pocket. Attach an array of them to your workshop ceiling or wall.

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