Two Weeks To HOPE X, And We’re Going


In a little less than two weeks, the biannual HOPE conference in NYC will be in full swing. Attendance is more than likely to put you on a list somewhere, so of course we’ll be setting up shop, enjoying the sights and sounds, and throwing swag at hundreds of attendees.

Highlights of HOPE X include a keynote from [Daniel Ellisburg], a video conference with [Edward Snowden], a Q&A with the EFF, a talk I’ll certainly be attending, and the always popular talk on social engineering headed up by [Emmanuel Goldstein].

As with all our extracurriculars, Hackaday will be giving out some swag (200+ tshirts, stickers, and THP goodies), and manning a vendor booth. Look for the eight foot Hackaday flag held up with duct tape. We’ll also be doing the usual video and blog thing from HOPE, for all of you who can’t attend thanks to your company’s security reviews, and some super secret things I can’t believe the overlords signed off on.

In other 2600 news, they ain’t doin too good, with tens of thousands of dollars of debt thanks to rather crappy legal stuff with their distributors. Buying a ticket would help the 2600 guys out, as would buying July’s issue (also on Kindle).

16 thoughts on “Two Weeks To HOPE X, And We’re Going

  1. It’s been about a year since Hackaday changed owners, and I’ve been thinking about the changes. Overall, I really like how the new overlords from SupplyFrame are managing the site and I’m glad for the change.

    I’m especially glad that the owners didn’t turn out to be “cost accounting” and myopic “maximization of profit” types.

    There have been changes and I’m not 100% in favor of some of them, but most of them are positive and I see management trying new things to see what works. Hackaday is developing a product (Mooltipass), goes to conventions and reports on the trips, throws parties and invites all the local geeks, teases us with incomprehensible puzzles (Hackaday Space), has a place for people to develop and showcase projects (, and sponsors epic competitions (THP). As a “for example”, when the voting lottery had no winner last week they repeated it until someone *did* win.

    Here’s a quip from the first “Developed on Hackaday” post, about 7 months ago:

    “We’re pretty sure that most of you already know that a few months ago Hackaday was bought by SupplyFrame, who therefore became our new evil overlords. We do hope you’ve noticed that they’re actually quite nice, and in their divine goodness they recently gave the go-ahead on this series called Developed on Hackaday.”


    So… to SupplyFrame and Hackaday management: thank you for all the hard work. You are a shining example of corporate takeover “done right”.

    (Hello from SUpplyFrame:

          1. Ya know what I would like to see, maybe a catalog of user or dev voted articles. I’m think of “the best of 2600” or elektor DVDs with schematics and pdf articles of that year. Or maybe a genre/criteria option, your allotted 4.7GB DVD, 8GB DLDVD or 20GB Bluray and you can select multiple years, or all in one category, say embedded hacks, reverse engineering etc, or just that year.

      1. To be fair, Hackaspace hasn’t been announced [here] and as far as I can tell hasn’t officially opened. This is the first I’ve heard about the store.

        On that note, could you post a “year in review” article and maybe tell us what you have planned for next year? I’m definitely interested, and probably many others are as well.

        1. Oh god… We have to do stuff next year too? Ha!

          Thank you all for the kind words. They’re much appreciated. Instead of a year in review we’ll be working on doing some posts about 10 years in review. The 10 year anniversary is just a couple of months away and we’re just starting to make some plans which include having fun with the archives. More on all of this as it comes together.

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