Homemade Triple Monitor Mount Looks Professionally Made

Professional Monitor Mount

Reddit user [popson] just finished off this impressive monitor mount build. Designed completely in Sketchup, it’s adjustable and will fit monitors from 20″ to 27″.

While designing it they stuck with standard material sizes, and it makes use of a lot of cold rolled steel — box tube, angle, and tube. Wide aluminum channel provides the adjust-ability for various monitor sizes, and standard VESA monitor mounting brackets guarantee monitors will fit.

sketchup model of monitor mount

There’s a lot of welding involved, but like [popson] says, he’s no pro — it’s not that hard to do. Once everything was done, they painted it glossy black to protect it from rusting.

The adjustment knobs are even home-made, cut from a wooden plank using a hole saw, sanded, and varnished.


He’s even added RGB LED light strips onto each of the monitors for a fully immersed gaming experience.

Triple Monitor Array Lights

Alternatively, if you can’t weld, we’ve seen some excellent monitor array mounts made out of wood, or ones relying on metal strut channeling, for easy assembly.

[via Reddit]

17 thoughts on “Homemade Triple Monitor Mount Looks Professionally Made

    1. maybe you can advise as to the amounts of volatile gases released during the 3-d printing process

      maybe you can advise as to the dangers of inhaling saw dust

      unless you like warped wood, maybe you can advise as to the amounts of volatile gases emitted by wood finishing products

      1. and then the question is do you want it to be sooner or later? if cancer is the most awful way to die, then why buy those lottery tickets? And are we not life forms intent on passing on our intact DNA to our progeny, like EVERY OTHER life form? Why do we prioritize our creature comforts over the survival of our species? The urge to “grow” without feedback is called “cancer” It is a disease of the body and also a disease of the society.

        1. Nope. Humans reproduce now through culture. And ideas reproduce and evolve outside of us. All that sort of thing. Some people dominate culture, some manipulate it, or seed it, or try and control it. If you can’t speak or write, genetics is the only way you have to transmit yourself into the future.

    2. Painting is not harmful. Inhaling volatile organic compounds is harmful. So just don’t breathe while you’re painting and you’ll be fine! It works for me. What do you mean you can’t hold your breath for hours on end? Then die maggot!

  1. I can weld, but I made my support arms out of wood anyways. Why use more club for a hole than I need to? I did make the brackets out of steel though. One was really funky, it wasn’t VESA. VESA brackets are easy to make. This was a bit more involved to machine

    Look Ma, no welding! Drill and tap it I say. Not that I don’t have three welders that combined run four different processes, because I do. MIG, TIG, stick, and torch. But for the most part I do not weld things together these days. Fasteners are more flexible, and accurate. I don’t mean flexible in the bendy definition of the word either.

    I’d supply a link to the article this picture is associated with, but if I add two links I get moderated, and fuck being moderated.

    Under Shelf Dual Monitor Support Arms is the title. You know the site, now go use their search feature.

  2. those leds omg so awful. I’m sure there’s a much better way to refract the light behind the monitors. the stand looks great. I’ve the same setup actually with those monitor models. I just bought a cheap triple stand on ebay for 30$. works flawless. really, why so much trouble? too much free time?

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