Infrared-controlled Light Switch

If you’re looking for your first electronics project, or a project to get someone else started in electronics, [Vadim] has you covered. Back when he was first starting out in electronics he built this infrared-controlled light switch that works with a standard TV remote control.

[Vadim]’s first few projects ended up as parts for other projects after they were built, so he wanted to build something useful that wouldn’t ultimately end up back in the parts drawer. The other requirements for the project were to use a microcontroller and to keep it simple. [Vadim] chose an ATtiny2313 to handle the RC-5 IR protocol and switch the light.

The circuit still has a switch to manually control the lights, preserving the original functionality of the light switch. The rest of the design includes a header for programming the board and another header for tying into the high voltage lines. This is a great project for anyone who knows what they’re doing with mains power but is just getting started with microcontrollers. If properly designed and implemented you’ll never stumble across a room to turn the lights out again!

Perhaps mixing high and low voltages on the same circuit board doesn’t spark your fancy or you can’t modify the light switch in your place of residence? Check out this mechanically-switched light switch.


9 thoughts on “Infrared-controlled Light Switch

      1. I would gladly go for dimming if I didn’t prefer CFL light bulbs over conventional incandescent ones. TRIACs don’t work well with CFL (although dimmable CFLs do exist, I’m pretty sure they are not easily obtained where I live).
        I also didn’t want to bother with zero-crossing detection at the time, or add an extra IC that would do it instead of me.

  1. At the end of 90s on exUSSR market was a lot of factory made switches by some company named Univex (Estonia?) with touch sensor, IR remote control from any IR device with dimming, keys learning, random on-off apartment theft protection mode and may be other features I don’t use. Unfortunately, they nearly disappeared now from the market, some shops still sells some dead stocks.
    Looks like this:×600/files/2011/02/02/IMG_00031.jpg
    Unfortunately, inside they use some custom IC, so the secret of this outstanding thing seems to be lost.

  2. I’m glad everyone else thinks that a remote controlled microprocessor controlling a mains circuit is a first electronics beginner project here. It seems a bit advanced to be a first project to me though. But hey dive right in, head first even!

  3. Hmmm… This project scares me, Mains, homebrew board, small traces, repurposed container…
    I fancied making something like this myself, but assumed it would invalidate any insurance if the house burns down or you kill your dog…

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