Delta Coffee-Brewing Bot

DeBrew Delta Coffee Robot

Pour-over coffee brewing is a simple and cheap hands-on alternative to using an automatic coffee maker. Although coffee aficionados often choose pour-over just for the manual brewing experience, this didn’t stop [Elias] from automating his pour-over coffee setup with an elaborate delta-robot: the DeBrew.

The coffee-brewing robot is built around a delta assembly from a 3d printer controlled by a BeagleBone Black. The BeagleBone drives stepper motors, displays information on a small open-source hardware HDMI LCD display, and serves up a web interface to control the machine. The radius of the pouring pattern, water temperature, and grind coarseness of the DeBrew can all be customized though its web interface.

For those who want to build their own pour-over robot, [Elias] has made a SketchUp drawing of the design and all of his Python source code available as open-source. Check out the video after the break where [Elias] explains how his delta pour-over bot works.

8 thoughts on “Delta Coffee-Brewing Bot

  1. Ok, so props for the build, saw it move, that’s good, but how does the coffee taste? never saw it brew. now if he Frankenstein’d a kurig in there, that might have been cool, put a camera so he could just hold his cup out and say “coffee” and an arm track the cup and fills it for him, that’d be way cool. there’s a point were something becomes too complicated. this would be one of those somethings. interesting looking build, though, and it appears to work.

  2. This robot is not a simple and cheap alternative to a coffee maker. Props for using a beaglebone black instead of an arduino though (though the BBB is more expensive than your average coffee maker).

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