Margarita Drip Infuser Ensures A Perfect Mix

Margarita Drip Infuser!

In order to get a margarita just right, the various ingredients need to be mixed together quite vigorously to over-come the different viscosity of the fluids. Looking to create his own barbot of sorts, [TVMiller] decided to make a Margarita Drip Infuser to help make margaritas a bit easier.

Using various chem lab supplies, [TVMiller] has cobbled together something pretty awesome. The Infuser can take up to 8 different ingredients into its test tube reserves, and after the drink ingredients are programmed on the computer, the magic begins.

An Arduino Uno controls a bank of 8 relays which control small fluid solenoids, with each control pulse releasing just a single droplet of fluid. An LED for each valve is run in parallel adding a bit of a light show to the mixing experience. If that’s not enough, he’s also created a copper cooling coil to chill the drink as it is poured.

For a slightly more advanced build, check out the Inebriatior.

13 thoughts on “Margarita Drip Infuser Ensures A Perfect Mix

  1. Is there a reason it couldn’t get the ingredients from larger reservoirs, such as bottles? Figure out how much comes out from each squirt and you could just enter a desired volume and it would do the required number of solenoid pulses for each ingredient?

    1. Size was a major theme. I imagined some thing you could fit on a bar back shelf for display and show. Also this give flexibility of ingredients, meaning it doesn’t demand only one marg recipe or another cocktail.

    1. That’s a basic traditional. Try a more complex sour mix (1 part lime, 1 part lemon, 1 part simple) and/or add brandy, grand mariner, oj, agave, fruit juice, et cetera, then you are cocktailing…

    1. Tested sizes to expedite both speed of drink build and eventually went with the smallest size possible for the relays/solenoids as to construct the drink as minute as possible.

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