Flaming Jack-o’-lanterns Light Up The Night

[misterdob] wanted to spice up his Halloween decor, so he built these flaming concrete jack -o’-lanterns to decorate his walkway. He started with the classic plastic jack-o’-lanterns that trick-or-treaters have been using to collect candy for years. [misterdob] filled the plastic pumpkins halfway with concrete mix, then dropped in metal coffee cans. He then filled the pumpkins up to the top with concrete, shaking them up a bit to avoid air pockets.

Once the concrete had set, [misterdob] cut away the plastic revealing nearly perfect concrete duplicates. He used acid stain to color his creations – though it looks like he missed a spot or two.

We have to disagree with [misterdob’s] choice of fuels. In fact, we think he was out of his gourd when he picked gasoline for his flaming pumpkins. Seriously though, gasoline is a horrible choice for a fire pot like this for a multitude of reasons. Gas has a particularly foul odor and its fumes are explosive. If a Halloween prankster were to try kicking one of the pumpkins over, not only would they have a broken foot, they’d also be covered in burning gas.

Thankfully, the folks on [misterdob’s] Reddit thread had better fuel suggestions – citronella torch cans with lamp oil and wicks, kerosene, or gel fuel would be better suited for these hot pumpkins.

If you still don’t believe how dangerous gas and its fumes can be, check out this video of a bonfire gone wrong (language warning).

14 thoughts on “Flaming Jack-o’-lanterns Light Up The Night

  1. Here’s one that hasn’t been needlessly “Adult” flagged by some Asshole
    thus requiring a sign in to view.
    It’s really a much better example than the guy with the flash circle.
    Idiots like these are the reason we can no longer buy a simple gasoline container vs the overly expensive modern contraptions that require 3 hands to operate.
    Here’s a little story about the eventual results of morons and their lawyers.

    1. I’ve seen a lot of fires started with gasoline. I’ve even seen a similarly sized one to this started with airplane fuel!

      I’ve seen too much gas result in large flare ups that would have burnt someone if we weren’t all already standing far enough away. I’ve seen flare ups away from the fire where no one expected it because the fumes are heavier than air and had sort of flowed and pooled in other places. Once this happened right around a friend’s feet! Luckily, he was not hurt.

      I’ve never seen it explode like this. Nor have I heard it make a bang like that, normally it’s just a woosh. I would think that you would need to somehow contain the gas under pressure to make it do that.

      I think this is fake.

  2. “If a Halloween prankster were to try kicking one of the pumpkins over, not only would they have a broken foot, they’d also be covered in burning gas.”

    If memory serves, Darwin devotes a couple of chapters to this specific example. He lost all hope for humanity and went back to examining earthworms, a more promising species that apparently do not observe Halloween [citation needed]. Also, no feet.

  3. I’m sorry, but that loose screw on the address sign on the rise of the step just below the jack-o-lanterns REALLY bugs me. (The gasoline burning in a round object…what could go wrong there;-)

  4. It would still be a really bad idea, I know, but would the use of gasoline be safer if he filled the coffee can with sand, and then poured in the gas? Seems like the sand would tend to regulate how fast the vapors are released, and keep the main volume of gas away from oxygen.

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