Developed On Hackaday: $50k Reached In A Week!

Around 500 awesome people backed the Mooltipass offline password keeper crowdfunding campaign, raising a total of $50k in less than a week… which is nearly half our goal.

The development team and I would therefore like to thank our readers for their support. We were featured by several electronics websites, which definitely helped spreading the world of open source security devices. Many interesting discussions spawned in either our comments section or official Google Group. One new contributor even started looking into implementing TOTP on the Mooltipass.

Another hot topic was a possible smaller and more powerful Mooltipass v2, implementing other functionalities like U2F and encrypted file storage. You may therefore wonder why we didn’t start with it… the reason is simple: limited resources. Our project is made by (great) non-remunerated contributors who took a lot of their spare time to work on the Mooltipass v1. We therefore preferred working on something we’d be sure we could deliver rather than wasting $4M by making promises. We therefore hope that our crowdfunding campaign might allow an even bigger collaboration around a Mooltipass v2!

38 thoughts on “Developed On Hackaday: $50k Reached In A Week!

  1. Congratulations Mathieu! TOTP would certainly tickle my fancy… Could you expand on the graphic sometime? I looked at the KS campaign, and still couldn’t work out what it was trying to convey – is it how the pledge will be spent? If so what are you buying software wise and whilst I’m sure you need a very well earned sit down in a nice wooden chair, I’m guessing that’s not what the icon represents :-)

  2. I think your crowd funding is hitting on competition

    Might make your product harder to sell because its not as cool looking as this, to my eyes, useless device

    1. Hmm so the ‘everykey’ is basically 1password but instead of authenticating by typing in your primary password, you use this bluetooth wristband.

      Although I’ve pledged for a mooltipass, I still have my doubts if it really offers any additional security over something like the OS X keychain. I know why mathieu says it’s more secure but I dunno if that argument really holds up.

    2. It may not be as cool looking, but I never trust a kickstarter that has not completed manufacturing and beta testing. It shows a lack of real investment capital and faith in your product.

        1. Not surprising when you look at their staff. You have the high ups who started and then you have all of the minions who have been proposed this grand start up idea. If things get hard after the kickstarter, they will see reality and start jumping. Been there and done that.

          1. It was me who commented, mostly to spur some action. It worked. They replied to Paul Moore’s information. I have done this on more than one occasion. Every time I see a kickstarter campaign that does it right, I repost and share with my friends, like I have done with this project. When I see campaigns that are lacking or scams, I either comment or I report. There is no accountability. I just try to get people to ask questions and to think. Go below the surface and question. If everything is on the up and up, people who start those campaigns will typically rise to the occasion and make things more robust or open.

  3. Why is chosen for the, “composite HID keyboard / HID proprietary device” (2 hid devices). And not for HID keyboard + data over usb feature reports, so only one hid device is shown and there is no potentially unknown second hid device for data transfer to the Mooltipass device?

  4. I wonder if this might be available in Europe(specifically: NL) at an affordable price, I followed the project since the beginning and have been interested ever since. Glad to see that the project’s quickly reaching its goal!

  5. The biggest issue I have with this device is a usability bit: automated password filling in Firefox (at least) commonly doesn’t work because of the wide variety (putting it nicely!) of website layouts and forms, etc. Why should I expect this device to do any better?

    Anyone care to enlighten me?

  6. I hope ‘feature creep’ doesn’t become a security issue…
    With all these ‘third-parties’ wanting to tack-on new functionality, it maybe very possible that the Mooltipass would no longer be secure.

    1. This is also one of my concerns. Not just security but also software bloat and hardware limitations/compromises.

      Like the whole arduino/shield compatibility thing. Seriously? Stay focussed on what this device is for.

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