Push Button, Receive Bacon.

Members of the Rabbit Hole hackerspace spent the last weekend competing in The Deconstruction, a 48 hour hackathon competition. The hackerspace’s theme was “Light it up!”, so members created some awesome projects involving light. The star of the show was their bacon cooking machine. The Rabbit hole made the “Push Button. Receive Bacon” meme real.

A broken laser printer was gutted for its drive train and fuser assembly. Laser printer fusers are essentially hot rollers. The rollers melt toner and fuse it with paper as it passes through the printer. The heat in this case comes from a lamp inside the roller. That lamp also puts out plenty of light, which fit perfectly with the team’s theme.

The Rabbit Hole members wasn’t done though, they also built a pocket-sized infinity mirror from an empty Altoids tin. The bottom of the tin was cut out, and a mirror glued in. A filter from a broken projector made a perfect half silver mirror, and some LEDs completed the project.

The members also built a fandom art piece, consisting of 25 fans connected together in a skull shape. The eye and nose fans were lighted. When the fans were plugged in, they kicked for a few seconds before spinning up. Once they did spin though – there was a mighty wind in the Rabbit Hole.

Click past the break for The Rabbit Hole’s Deconstruction video!

28 thoughts on “Push Button, Receive Bacon.

  1. I’m sorry I missed it, I was too busy “deconstructing” the kitchen faucet and installing its replacement on Friday evening. A good part of Saturday was spent fixing a pinhole leak that was discovered under same sink (including two trips to the hardware store) and fixing the ice maker in the fridge. (Not that we need the ice in this weather, but it is on the same water lines.)

    1. OMG; i love you. I competed in the deconstruction with a team of my high school students, but the whole time I was thinking about the stuff in my kids’ room that i needed to get to, and my back yard, and under one of my cars, as well as my electric kart project which seems to have one fail after another.

      Contest was fun though.

      1. +1. I really don’t understand the pre-occupation with video as means of communication – sequential access at a pre-determined speed sucks. Sure, it has a place – such as with the Fourier transform mechanical engine – but it is a really poor medium for the less dynamic stuff. And presumably it also takes longer to produce than words + photos/gifs? Weird.

        1. AGREED! The thing is, and if you’re around a lot of teens and college kids you’ll notice this – watching people speak is their most favored method of communicating online. Whereas guys like us prefer to read documentation with pictures, these kids really think video is the best way to communicate.

          Now I’ll agree on video you can communicate subtleties that are hard to capture in written documentation, but I agree with you that video is just too slow a way to get information in.

          For the record, The Deconstruction required a video reveal as its last component, so that’s what you’re seeing on the hackaday website.

        2. In defense of The Rabbit Hole, their work is largely audio/video/music/graphic arts, their physical space is limited, as well as the time they are available to open their basement to the “public”.

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