Laugh Track Jacket Is Actually A Blazer

Picture it: your first open mic night at Larry’s Laugh Lounge. You’re up second in the lineup. It’s better than going first, but the crowd is far from hitting the two-drink minimum and your dad jokes are going over like a lead balloon. What now? Time for your secret weapon. You throw out the ‘tough crowd’ line while casually reaching into a pocket of your herringbone blazer. You press a button and the sound of crickets reaches the microphone. Someone chortles near the back. You smile, and remembering that Barbie joke from Reddit, your act takes a turn for the profane and the sweet sound of your first real laugh is forever burned in your memory.

This laugh track jacket from Adafruit’s [Becky Stern] is based on their own audio FX board, a standalone unit that can store and play WAV and OGG files. The board is also available with 16MB of flash for extended pre-recorded Foley artistry. This is an easy solder-and-sew project with a lot of wearable applications, and all of the components are available in the Adafruit store. There are plenty of places to get free sound effects that are already in WAV format, as the board does not support MP3s. As always, [Becky] has provided a clear and thorough guide with plenty of pictures and an introduction video that you can see after the break.

10 thoughts on “Laugh Track Jacket Is Actually A Blazer

  1. Sorry, but I’m more concerned with the failure of the HD in my 10 year old ipod than the failure of some hipster comedian-wannabe. How is this anything more than a plug for an Adafruit product?

  2. “Take my wife,please!” (Click, click, click) “My friggin’ jackets dead!” Ok, it’s a commercial but it’s still interesting, maybe if you stick it in a build a bear you could have a customized talking toy for your kid? (“I love you Jimmy”, “Your my best friend Jimmy”, “Don’t flush daddies keys down the toilet Jimmy”)

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