Dogless Dog Sleigh Is Perfect For Your Winter Commute

motorized sleigh

It’s a wee bit cold in Finland right now. And while dog sledding is always an option (though mostly for tourists), one gentleman who goes by [Jibjorkl] on YouTube decided to try making his own motorized sleigh — and it’s freaking awesome.

Unfortunately our Finnish language skills aren’t exactly up to snuff so we’ll just have to describe the invention; perhaps one of our Finnish readers could add some insight if we miss anything?

It appears that [Jibjorkl] has taken a hub motor with a wheel from a standard e-bike and mounted on what looks like a store-bought sleigh. The wheel has something which looks kind of like duct tape wrapped around it to help give it extra traction in the snow. There are two lead-acid batteries sitting atop the motor assembly, but we can see an e-bike Li-on pack mounted on the side too (likely 48V 20+aH).

Regardless of how it works — it’ll take two passengers pretty damn fast through the snow. We want to build one asap.

Now which would you prefer? A motorized sled like this one (that you can sit on!), or a snow-scooter?

16 thoughts on “Dogless Dog Sleigh Is Perfect For Your Winter Commute

  1. “What to do with an e-bike conversion kit in the winter? Well, one can mount it on a kicksleigh. This has all the same components as in an e-bike. Here’s the motor, in this case it’s a 14-inch 250W motor. It’s just been covered with a chicken wire so that it grips ice better. Here’s the battery, a pipe battery. A control unit from which one can adjust lots of things. And the speed control is here.”

    1. So they’ll be in arctic weather, straddling a homebrewed sled that’s 5% repurposed turbochargers and 95% afterburner hurtling along a frozen lake, likely after a couple of viina … what could go wrong? (From the videos of their previous efforts it should be spectacular.)

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