Robotic Owl Scares Squirrels Out Of Their Skin

Squirrel Scaring Robotic Owl

Tired of the local squirrels tearing up his balcony garden, 11[metroSFVogange] took matters into his own hands and created this, the Squirrelinator 2000.

He had tried buying repellents and other home remedies, but nothing seemed work. And his poor indoor cat was starting to feel emasculated, as he watched through the window helplessly as his owner’s garden was destroyed by the furry terrorists.

It’s built off of an old IP camera he had collecting dust, which happens to have an alarm I/O port… perfect. To disguise the camera he picked up a owl statue for cheap from the hardware store because it was missing an eye — he plans to add a glowing red terminator eye later on, because why not?

After modifying the owl to fit the IP camera, he can now control the owl’s head with the pan and tilt functions of the camera — accessible by smartphone. He’s also thrown on a pair of solar-powered spinning props to help scare off the squirrels as well. In case that’s not enough, when the motion sensor goes off the owl shoots a squirt gun and takes pictures of the (hopefully soaked) squirrel for internet points. Classy.

Sadly, it seems to be working because he hasn’t caught any squirrels in his garden yet! We will of course update this post if a poor sucker attempts to mess with his begonias again.

[via Reddit]

22 thoughts on “Robotic Owl Scares Squirrels Out Of Their Skin

  1. With those rotating blades … are you trying to kill the squirrels? or are you trying to literally cut their skin off?
    I might slow down the blades a little., just to give them a good pop, but not cause harm (unless that it is the intention, instead of just [SCARing SQUIRRELS OUT OF THEIR SKIN].

    1. You are kidding, right? Those look like flimsy wind-spinners to me. The blades are angled inwards. All ti would do is give the squirrel a little startle, but I really don’t think they would get that close to it. Squirrels are incredibly smart.

  2. I used an electric fence charger. It was very effective last year and didn’t really cost a lot of money. I only wish I could have seen one of the critters try to get past the fence.

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