[Sophi Kravitz] On Ask An Engineer Tonight

Whew, your Wednesday night entertainment is all sorted out. Mark it in your calendar, [Sophi Kravitz] will be appearing on Adafruit’s Ask an Engineer at 8pm EDT (UTC -4).

Of course she’ll be talking about The Hackaday Prize with all of the incredible entries so far and the amazing opportunities waiting for you as THP continues through the summer. But [Sophi’s] life experience runs far-and-deep and so will the conversation. She is an Electronics Engineer, an Artist, and a huge part of the Hackaday crew. This year she landed a grant to bring one of her projects to life for Burning Man (and to document the process which we’re really excited about). She’s brewing up a new project involving Quadcopters and the technology [Alan Yates] has been working on for Valve. And [Sophi] frequently works on projects like Breathe that delight us with her creativity.

But hey, we better leave some of it for the show. The live link is above, here’s the Adafruit page as well.

9 thoughts on “[Sophi Kravitz] On Ask An Engineer Tonight

  1. Sorry about what seems to be nit-picking, but this is a pet peeve of mine: You mention that the show starts at 8:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time,) and yet nearly all of the Eastern part of the USA observes DST (Daylight Savings Time.) When I clicked on the link to the show, the countdown showed that the event should, indeed, kick off at 8:00 *EDT* (Eastern DAYLIGHT Time,) and not 8:00 EST! For you to claim that the event starts at a given time in Standard time, when the laws put us on Daylight Savings Time, confuses people – 8:00 EST would be 7:00 EDT. Please be more careful about using the term EST (or CST, MST or PST) when the people are on EDT (CDT, MDT or PDT.)

      1. I agree. I know what my difference is with GMT. If someone gives the time in GMT then I can instantly just add 2 and I’m set. Anyone should know what their difference with GMT is regardless of whether DST is on or not.

        DST confuses the crap out of me and I am now even more confused as to when this show starts. As someone not from the States this is bothersome. GMT/UTC allows everyone in the world to understand what time you are talking about.

  2. The show starts at 11:30p GMT. But to further confuse things, those not in the US use what we call military time which is 23:30 GMT. I find switching between time zones completely confusing too.

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