50 Winners Using Microchip Parts

For the last few weeks we’ve been celebrating builds that use parts from our manufacturer sponsors of the 2015 Hackaday Prize. Today we are happy to announce 50 winners who used Microchip parts in their builds. Making the cut is one thing, but rising to the top is another. These builds show off some amazing work from those who entered them. In addition to the prizes which we’ll be sending out, we’d like these projects to receive the recognition they deserve. Please take the time to click through to the projects, explore what has been accomplished, and leave congratulations a comment on the project page.

Still Time to Win!

We’re far from the end of the line. We’ll be giving roughly $17,000 more in prizes before the entry round closes in the middle of August. Enter your build now for a chance in these weekly contests! This week we’re looking for things that move in our Wings, Wheels, and Propellers Contest.

One voter will win $1000 from the Hackaday Store this week as well! Anyone is welcome to vote in Astronaut or Not. Vote Now! The drawing is tomorrow afternoon.

Congratulations to all fo the winners listed here. You will find information about redeeming their prizes as a private message on your Hackaday.io profile.

Winners of Moosimeters

Winners of DS Logic Analyzers

Winners of Stickvise

Winners of Bluefruit LE Sniffers

Winners of Cordwood Puzzles

Winners of TV-B-Gone

The 2015 Hackaday Prize is sponsored by:

16 thoughts on “50 Winners Using Microchip Parts

  1. I got the prize message but didn’t see an alert icon in the menu nor did I receive an E-mail.

    If you don’t see a message alert, go to your messages pane and click on Mike’s icon and you’ll probably find it.

    (I only found this out by accident. My messages page shows no indication that Mike sent me a message, and his icon is not at the top of the list in the left column so his thread isn’t automatically shown.)

    (And I reported it to the feedback channel.)

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