Mech Engineers: Win 5k For Using A Bearing

Boca Bearings Innovation Competition Prizes

Another year, another Boca Bearings Innovation Competition! Boca Bearings is a US based ball bearing manufacturer and distributor. They make bearings for anything from RC cars, to bicycles, to fishing reels — and even industrial applications as well. And they’re one of those companies that actually cares about the tinkerers at home.

They sponsor a lot of community events like RC derbies, but our favorite is their yearly Innovation Competition; which allows anyone around the world to enter their project — so long as it uses a bearing somewhere. And it doesn’t even have to be one of their bearings.

With all these fantastic entries we’ve been having into the Hackaday Prize, maybe if your entry features bearings, you can enter this competition too! What do you have to lose?

You have until September to enter your project into the competition — entries need a quick video, some pictures, and a short written explanation. For an example, check out my own entry from last years competition — I actually won the top prize! And no, we didn’t even milk the Hackaday community to get votes. That said, wouldn’t it be awesome if another member of the Hackaday community won this year too?

With all the cool ball bearing hacks we’ve see over the years — like this ball bearing motor — someone around here is bound to have a winning build just waiting to be entered. and once you do,  we’d love to see your project on tagged with “Boca Bearings” as well!

9 thoughts on “Mech Engineers: Win 5k For Using A Bearing

  1. The giveaway 3D printer is different from the one they showed in their photo. Which is good, Type A seems to be a good machine. AW3D’s acrylic frame doesn’t inspire confidence.

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