Everything You Wanted To Know About Oscillators

Ever wonder how a crystal oscillator works? How does that little metal can with a sliver of quartz start vibrating to produce a clock signal for just about everything we use, while doing it in the accuracy range in the parts per million and cost practically nothing?

Well [Craig] decided its about time for an in depth tutorial  that covers everything you need to know to understand, design, and construct your very own. Wrapped up in a 41 minute video, [Craig]  covers the absolute basic theories and designs, math, datasheet explanation of crystals, and even a practical example of a Pierce crystal oscillator, suitable for use in a HF transceiver. Now you can make your own for your own application no matter if you’re just trying to save a pin on your favorite micro, or making a radio transceiver.

With this wealth of knowledge, whether you are learning for the first time, or just need a refresher, you should join us after the break, kick back and check out this highly informative video.

5 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted To Know About Oscillators

  1. Only General and Amateur Extra are licensed to talk on HF in the US, except a narrow slice of 10m, and that is SSB only, also for Novice and Technician class licensed operators, just an FYI

  2. Pretty dry – But informative. It does explain why I always used 20pf caps for oscillators, depending on the crystal. Never gave it much thought other than the design specs always called for it.

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