Only Eat Red Skittles? We’ve Got You Covered.

Skittles Sorter

Are you a bit obsessive compulsive with lots of certain things? We are too. Like Skittles! If you’re the kind of person who likes to sort their Skittles, you should seriously look into making your own 3D printed Skittles Sorter.

Built more to challenge his new 3D printer, [MrPrezident] was looking for a project to combine mechanical design with a bit of image recognition prowess — so he came up with this clever, and compact, Skittle sorting machine.

It uses an Arduino Uno with a ZITRADES color sensor module to identify the color of each candy. A small LED helps illuminate the Skittles to ensure an accurate color reading. Then, depending on the color, a series of gears rotate the Skittles piece to its designated color repository.

Theoretically it should also work with M&M’s (which are a bit smaller) but unfortunately, there are 6 colors of M&M’s and only 5 colors of Skittles. What would the machine do then!? We don’t see a reject bin!

Regardless, we’re quite impressed with how compact he ended up making it — [MrPrezident] has certainly been keeping up with his STEM promises!

And if you need something a bit faster to satiate your OCD… try this one instead. It’s capable of sorting Skittles or M&M’s at a rate of 80 pieces per minute!

19 thoughts on “Only Eat Red Skittles? We’ve Got You Covered.

  1. Definitely cool but did it lose track of the skittles in the central sorter because there where like four or five that it just kept sorta ignoring or where those possibly like calibration samples?

  2. Seems like it would be faster if it only moved in one direction, read a skittle, made a note of what color was in the slot and then moved one more space, read the skittle, noted what color was in that slot, etc and then dispensed skittles as they happened to advance to the right dish instead of reading a skittle and then rotating to dispense it immediately, etc.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking originally, but that doesn’t quite work well with this design. The bottom disc only has one hole, so you have to move that hole to the skittle each time anyway when you want to dispense it, and if you put more holes in the bottom disc, then you don’t have any way to distinguish between which skittle you are trying to drop. I have both the top and bottom disc moving at the same time to speed things up, so you only have to wait for whichever disc happens to be the farthest away.

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