RFID Enabled Robot Plays Music For 3 Year Old

Music RFID Bot

[Ronald] has a three year old daughter who loves music, but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of complex MP3 players or the radio yet — what gives, three is pretty old?! Inspired by an RFID enabled cassette player he saw, [Ronald] decided to make her something that was cute — and easy to use.

He started with the adorable KNG Andrew Home Invader speaker, and proceeded to jam a Raspberry Pi inside. What he wanted to do was be able to put RFID tags on certain objects that his daughter could associate with her favorite music — only problem, he didn’t know how to use RFID tags! Luckily he found another article which explained how to write a script in Python in order to easily use an RFID system.

As it turned out, even with his basic programming knowledge he was able to figure out how to the use the Pi’s GPIO with a RC522 Card and write the software to go with it. The result is pretty fantastic!

From the other end of the age spectrum, here’s an awesome hack [Willem] made for his almost blind grandfather — an RFID audio book reader. Place the book you want on the reader, and the RFID tag tells another Raspberry Pi what to do!

[Thanks Gosse!]

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