Impressive NFC Controlled Infinity Mirror Table Cuts No Corners

If you’re looking to add a bit of the future to your living room, you might want to look at this tutorial to build a very professional infinity mirror table.

It’s an IKEA RAMVIK coffee table, modified to include RGB LEDs and a one-way mirror for that ever-so-awesome infinity effect. And technically, you only have to cut one hole in the table.

By placing a large mirror underneath the glass, wrapping the inner edge with a strip of RGB LEDs and coating the original glass top with a reflective car tint, it’s a pretty simple hack that results in a very polished product — not something that can be said for most of our projects!  But to make it even better, [Pierre] added an NFC chip under the table, allowing you to control the color with just a tap.

The device he’s using to control the LEDs via NFC is called a KeyDuino, an NFC enabled Arduino that is currently on Kickstarter and doing quite well.

Now we kind of want to make one for our office lounge… Or maybe some Infinity Mirror portals for the washroom…

14 thoughts on “Impressive NFC Controlled Infinity Mirror Table Cuts No Corners

    1. You’re right, in fact I didn’t saw the official datasheet and I only focus on the chiness informations 20mA per led and not by diode (wrong as you said).
      I will change that on the video; thank you :)

  1. Very cool project!

    I would have mounted the mirror with double sided adhesive tape – the foam backed variant – which is sometimes even called “Mirror tape” or just “mounting tape”, because this is normally used to mount mirrors to furniture. With the foam backing it is a little more flexible than epoxy and it is also possible to remove it, if e.g. the mirror breaks by accident.

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