Arch Reactor Hackerspace Is Moving!

What happens when your hackerspace grows too big for its building? Well — you can either take over the other units in your building — or move to a bigger building altogether!

We toured Arch Reactor almost three years ago, which is located in St. Louis, Missouri. The present facility is 2400sqft, which over the past few years has gotten a bit cramped. They’re moving to a new building at 2215 Scott Avenue, which is over twice the size of the current facility at a whopping 5100sqft!

As you can imagine, it’s not an easy task to move a hackerspace of this size to a new building, but their community is strong and they’re still hacking away, even during the move! If your hackerspace has a move in its not-so-distant-future, you might want to take note and follow along on their blog for some lessons learned.

They’re running an Indiegogo campaign to try to help with some of the moving costs. Good luck guys!

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2 thoughts on “Arch Reactor Hackerspace Is Moving!

  1. Thanks for the mention James! It means a lot to have the hacker community behind us during our moving process.
    @RandyKC – thankfully both new and current locations were spared flooding and leaking from the torrential downpour that washed St. Louis into the new year.

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