The Smallest Google Street View In Miniatur Wunderland

The world’s largest model railway exhibit — on display in Germany of course — is quite the attraction. The huge Miniatur Wunderland features towns and trains from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and even a little America. And it’s all on Google Maps.

[Frank] accepted the challenge to build a tiny Google Streetview train, capable of traversing the entire Wunderland. It features a fish-eye camera on both the front and rear car, and is powered by an Arduino — the Wattuino Nanite 85. He upgraded the train to use tiny stepper motors to allow for precise movement along the tracks to get all the shots in perfect Streetview fashion.

It was a challenge keeping it small enough to be able to go through all of the train tunnels on display, but the end result is fantastic. Makes us want to slap on a pair of VR goggles and ride the train!

10 thoughts on “The Smallest Google Street View In Miniatur Wunderland

  1. I went to this place last year, it is amazing! For me it was a 4 hour drive and totally worth it. I am absolutely not surprised they included a google car.
    They hack everything to makt the world work. They continue to expand until they will run out of space in their large 3 story warehouse. I will be back there in one or two years.

  2. I only find the video ad and panoramic views. Not sure how if moving around is possible. Also, what is the source of the animated eye-catcher gif? And is there more info on how it was made?

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