Today’s Hackaday Belgrade Conference

The time has arrived, the greatest hardware conference on earth has landed in Belgrade, Serbia. All of the talks are live streaming now! The lineup of speakers is incredible and you can bask in every minute of it.

Don’t settle for a one-way media experience. Take part in the conversation with the live chat. Click the “request to join this project” button in the upper right of the Hackaday Belgrade Project page.

There’s always one more thing, right? Hack the badge! Try your hand at writing code for the badge using the software emulator, then submit it to the competition. We’ll be starting the Badge demo party at 23:45 (UTC+1). Want someone to try your code out on a badge ahead of time? Just jump on the chat (mentioned above) and ask!

Want to feel the pulse of the hardware community in Europe… this is it.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Hackaday Belgrade Conference

  1. The Vimeo vid is unavailable to me in Indonesia. Vimeo as been BANNED by the Government in Indonesia :-( along with Reddit and MANY other sites. Evidently these sites are deemed “Immoral”. Too bad. Please upload the vid to YouTube. YouTube is not banned here in Indonesia (yet). Streaming stuff is dicy here, not enough BW and more banning of streaming stuff. Anyway, best wishes to the folks at the Belgrade HaD conference. Have fun and don’t drink and drive…

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