Flappy Bird On An… E-Cigarette?

Okay, now we’ve seen it all. Someone put the effort in to port Flappy Bird… to run on an e-cigarette. An eVic-VTC Mini to be precise. So now, between puffs, you can play one of the most frustrating games ever.

The SDK for the e-cig is available on GitHub, which was provided by a group of Redditors last year. If you’re interested in the game, and happen to have this model of e-cig, [Bank] has provided download and flashing instructions in the description of the YouTube video.

As one Reddit user points out:

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

To which the creator, [Balázs Bank], responded with the download links to install it yourself. Has science gone too far?

All jokes aside, he’s also written snake for the same e-cigarette and promises his next project will be actual firmware for the device.

Speaking of weird but strangely interesting e-cigarette designs, check out this NES controller we saw hacked into an e-cig!

[Thanks for the tip Josh!]

27 thoughts on “Flappy Bird On An… E-Cigarette?

    1. Many new fancy ecig/vape models have self-regulating temperature controls and collect data about your habits to send to your phone via bluetooth. Perhaps a bit over the top, but useful if you’re trying to curb a habit.

    2. Yes. and most are garbage. they blow up the batteries as they dont have any decent charging circuits, and honestly all they really are is tiny pocket fog machines. All they need is a single button with a thermal cutoff switch and nothing else.

      1. I can agree with you if you’re talking about cheap knockoffs. Most reputable boards have the same charging circuits you’re likely to find on cellphones and other li-ion devices commonly considered “safe”. They also have plenty of safety features. For example, the ecig used for this hack monitors current and board temperature, and kills the output if something is wrong. Reaction time is around 200us for the original firmware and 40us for the SDK-based ones (I probably know, given I wrote the SDK). Yeah, it’s a bit slow compared to a comparator-based (no pun intended) shutdown, but it’s enough. And I’m thinking of ways to improve that.

        The battery + switch ones are called “mechanical mods” (though they usually have a MOSFET switch for safety). They work for some people, but others prefer to be able to adjust the power going to the heating coil, to customize vapor production and flavor. New ecigs like this one also allow you to make the coils out of materials with a significant temperature coefficient of resistance (I use SS316L, for example): this way you can adjust the temperature of your coil because the board will calculate it from the resistance variation. It’s like the difference between baking a cake in a oven with an on/off heater or in a temperature-controlled oven.

      2. This mostly happens on mechanical mods. Variable mods have safety features that won’t even allow you to fire it if you are using an unsafe coil build. It takes a cheap battery, and a special kind of stupid to blow up a variable mod. The processor comes into play by regulating the amount of power that is put into the coils, too much and you get a dry hit, too less and you get weak vapor.

    3. An oled of that size comes really in only one resolution and the point of the processor is it’s speed … It’s necessary to regulate its output power and give dynamic adjustments while monitoring heat, voltage exc
      Good ecigs take quite a bit of engineering … Quite different than those exploding Chinese ones

  1. Jurassic Park;
    John Hammond: I don’t think you’re giving us our due credit. Our scientists have done things which nobody’s ever done before…
    Dr. Ian Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

    I agree, Flappy Bird on E-Cig, and thus begins the downfall of man. Go Apes Go!

      1. This. Everyone’s so concerned with kids getting addicted and people ‘vaping away their lives’ that they don’t even notice how much cleaner the air has gotten.

        If vaping rates are up 5%, I would say that smoking rates are down 5%. I don’t even vape

    1. It could be another 20 years before we have that data, but it is very difficult to collect accurate data on that, because it would need to be patients that have never smoked tobacco, and only vaped. Most (older) vapers are (were) tobacco smokers.

    1. Or 3D printed e-cigs you can program with the Arduino IDE to play an interactive flappy-bird that controls the movement of your 3D printer, which has a 3D printed flappy-bird attached to the extruder head.

  2. That’s right. The exploding ecig menace, which has happened 23 times in the last 6 years, usually caused by a user thinking pulse rating on a battery is a real thing. That almost as many car accidents that occur every 15 seconds in this country. Where’s the outcry against the evil automobile?

    1. every day someone gets killed by headphones / earbuds while crossing the street becuase they could not hear any car or horn or screams of “look-out!”, just because someone might not like their music.

      if playing your music in public makes you embarrassed, then dont listen to it at all, its probably bad for you.

      if you use headphones, noone will hear you, therefore you will not find and make friends with like-minded people, also you will not know who your enemy is because when they insult your music… oh riiight; thats what facebook is for?

      anyways, personally, i like to annoy people around me, it keeps me aware, and alive by providing HUMAN INTERACTION.

      HUGE SPEAKERS and heavy batteries FTW !

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