Building A Flamethrower Guitar To Really Rock Out With

Everyone’s favorite safety-tie-wearing-eccentric-inventor, [Colin Furze], is back at it again, this time making a flamethrower guitar — sponsored by Intel!?

As an ex-plumber, [Furze] is a master fabricator, and he’s brought many amazing mechanical inventions to life. In this video, perhaps for the first time, he’s integrated an Intel Curie Arduino in it, for a bit more fine control.

He’s hacked apart a couple of propane blow-torches, milled and lathed his own fittings and manifolds, and even TIG welded together a pressure vessel for the fuel — kids, do not try this at home!

The two blowtorches act as pilot lights for a third gas supply line to make the big firing explosion — the plan for the Arduino? To blast off the fire at certain parts during the song, add timing, or even just set up some cool patterns.

Did we mention he’s also got his own custom propane fueled guitar amp to go with it??

[Caleb’s] going to want to beef up his flamethrower ukulele if he wants to go toe-to-toe with [Colin]! Stay tuned for next week when he tests it out.

38 thoughts on “Building A Flamethrower Guitar To Really Rock Out With

      1. Wrongo mr. AMD whatever. The Curie has a bad ass 32b Processor. Bluetooth. Accelerometer/gyro, power management, neural logic pattern recognition. I’ve used both. ATtiny is only 1/4 of the 32b processor and nothing else.

        1. Then explain why I need a bad ass 32b Processor, Bluetooth, Accelerometer/gyro, power management, neural logic pattern recognition to control a bunch of solenoid valves?

          1. ATtiny is overkill. If he replaced the Curie with _a wire_ it would have been just as cool.

            The point, however, is price. In Colin’s particular situation, using a wire would have likely cost him tens of thousands of pounds.

            Build is still cool. Typically Furzey. Rock on.

      1. I agree. Mel Gibson is such a great actor no matter what his personal views may or may not be. Mad Max was his second or third movie, and it was almost flawless. Road Warrior is my favorite in the series.
        Did not care for the 2015 version. No Mel means no Max.

    1. It’s a joke. Colin does so many unsafe things that one figures maybe it’s his signature out of place in the workshop necktie that keeps him from harm. (Well most harm, he did get burned recently but he recovered.)

    2. A “safety tie” is a thing, basically a clip-on tie that means if it gets caught in something, it just flies off rather than drag your head into the machine with it. Our corporate wear catalogue had a selection of safety ties, “real” ones are deliberately unavailable.

      1. If you’re tired of rocking the Captain Clip-On look, you can get one of the police ones. They tie like a regular tie, but when you pull on them too hard the velcro part under your collar breaks away. Bonus: many of them are machine washable. :-)

  1. This man should be burnt alive for butchering such a good Epiphone Les Paul…
    Other than that, this is a very cool video, and tehe hack is very well done !

    1. I don’t know about that. Butchered maybe, but he will make a lot of money selling it to some metalhead when he gets bored with it.
      See if Blue Man Group will buy it!

    2. Why? It’s just a cheap Epiphone, I’m not saying Epiphone are shit, I have two and love them. It’s just recent mass produced models are not that special that I’d care about someone hacking them up.

    3. …it’s an Epiphone. They’re typically cheap and essentially mass produced. Perfect candidate for modding if there ever was one.

      Had it been an original Gibson guitar I could have understood some murderous looks, but not this.

  2. Please call lathe work turning instead of saying something was “lathed”. Technically it is correct but no one says that and it has been jarring to read the last few times mentioned in a hackaday article. Otherwise please carry on with hardware articles!!tbb

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