Formlabs Form 1+ API Now Available On Github

Since 2014, the Form 1+ has been serving a faithful community of avid resin-oriented 3D printer enthusiasts. With an API now released publicly on Github, it’s time for the Form 1+ to introduce itself to a crew of eager hardware hackers.

Exposing an interface to the printer opens the door to a world of possibilities. With the custom version of PreForm that arrives with this release, a whopping 39 different properties are open for tuning, according to the post on Reddit. Combining these newly-accessible parameters with a sufficient number of hackers, odds are good that the community will be able to quickly converge on stable settings for 3rd party resins. (We’re most excited to see the Homebrew PCBs community start exposing their UV-sensitive PCBs with this hardware setup.)

Heads-up: poking around in this brave new world is almost certain to void your warranty, but if you’re eager to get SpacewΛr up-and-running, it might just be worth it.

3 thoughts on “Formlabs Form 1+ API Now Available On Github

    1. To bad our Form2 has a problem with it’s leveling sensor (it needs to be tilted 25 degress to think it is level). To bad there is no way as a user to re-calibrate this sensor. And thus we need to send it to our reseller, who needs to send it to the US, who needs to send it to the factory so they can do the re-calibration.

      And yes, it refuses to do anything when it thinks it is not level…

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