Hedberg Is A Bionic Hand Made From A Single Keurig

Developing into a modern hacker and tinkerer requires a lot of things: electronics study, programming knowledge, and patience (among many other things). But, the most important quality a hacker can have is curiosity. The desire to see how things work is what drives most budding hackers towards the dismantling of family appliances and electronic gadgets.

Many end up scavenging parts from the things around the house for their first projects. But, with money and more ambitious builds comes the need to purchase parts off the shelf. There is, however, something to be said for the ingenuity that comes with building something solely with scavenged parts, and that’s what [Evan Booth] decided to do, in a spectacular fashion.

No stranger to scavenging from Keurig coffee machines (he long since discovered that they’re a goldmine for parts), [Evan] set out to create a bionic hand called Hedberg using only parts from a Keurig K350. He built the hand over the course of 200 hours, with no plans and using only adhesive and the K350, and filmed the whole process. He gave a talk about this at DEFCON, but if you weren’t able to be there then check out the video to see how he did it.

Of course, if you’ve got a 3D printer available, you can could take a build like this to another level. But, the beauty of Hedberg is success from humble beginnings, and the inherent challenge in limiting oneself.


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