Cityscape Infinity Table

Redditor [ squishy0eye] lacked a coffee table and wanted an infinity mirror. So, in a keen combination of the two, she built an infinity mirror table the resembles a nighttime cityscape.

Skimming over many of table’s build details, [squishy0eye] paused to inform the reader that an MDF base was used underneath the mirrors, with a hole drilled for the future power cable. For the top pane, she overlaid privacy screen mirror film onto tempered glass, turning it into a one-way mirror. The bottom pane is acrylic plastic due to the need to drill holes to hide the cables for each ‘building’ — the same mirror film was applied here as well. Wood was cut into rectangles for the building shapes and super glued around the holes and in the corresponding spots underneath to prevent any bowing in the acrylic. A small gap was left in each ‘building’ to run the 5050 non-waterproof LED strips around and back into the hole for power.

Showing LED Strip placementAfter installing the bottom mirror, [squishy0eye] added some black paper on top of the buildings to hide the wires and LEDs as well as adding wood supports around the edge to create the slight gap between the mirrors necessary for the effect.

A quick LED test, and the top pane of glass was fit into place, creating an effect well worth the approximate $150 price tag.

Want some more LED action to compliment such a cool table? How about a TV made of LED strips that you can roll up and take with you.

21 thoughts on “Cityscape Infinity Table

        1. Yeah to get a POV effect you’d have to turn the LEDs on and off at impossibly high rates, the speed would have to be on the same scale as the transit time for photons between the two mirrors.

  1. The first idea I had when seeing this, was to add strip of LEDs between the buildings with an animation consisting in white and red lights scrolling along the strips, to simulate “trafic” :-) … I wonder how we could do to make them look as if they were at the bottom of the buildings. How would it look like if we put these LED strips bellow the bottom mirror ?

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