25 thoughts on “Weatherproof Circuits With A Pouch Laminator

      1. I once spent an hour heat-sealing a coworkers phone inside a bag and then sealing that bag inside a bag full of water. Then froze the water. We never did get much work done at that job…

  1. Experience tells me that this will not be watertight, but might be sufficient for many things.

    Water will get in where the penetration to the edge is, unless the material coming through is itself watertight and fully bonds to the lamination material with no gaps. Paper doesn’t make it, and neither does anything of significant thickness, like the flex from the resistive pad, especially if if doesn’t have smoothly feathered edges.

    It will likely hold up for a while as long as it doesn’t have long term direct exposure to water. Submersion or unprotected exterior exposure in a place with significant rain will take a toll.

    1. Perhaps you could take thin shavings of a hot glue stick and place this between the pouch and the protruding (flat) object at the seam before laminating. This should give extra material to seal the steps in thickness.

    2. Absolutely and improvement over nothing. Water is insidious. It will find any way in that it can. A few paper fibers that come through the joint is enough over time. I wasn’t trying to give the impression that it won’t help, but that it is not likely to be water/weather proof, just more resistant.

      The only reasonably sure seal over time seams to be (pun intended) a complete seal around the perimeter. I never tried any further sealer at potential leak points (a number of reasons, among them being not my laminating gear), but paper or porous material coming out will bring water in.

      In other situations, I have plasticized paper with an acrylic soak (clear spraypaint works as does dipping) and got excellent life.

    1. must be an entertaining lightshow when you move your stack of bookmarked books over a bumpy surface XD

      … or modulated laserbeams making sound … LED as solarcell

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