These Five Members Just Won Fancy New CircuitPython Boards

Just a few hours ago, we had a HackChat over on with Adafruit discussing CircuitPython, their new extension to the MicroPython codebase. During the chat, the folks at Adafruit took questions and asked participants in the chat what they’d like to build with some cool new hardware. These CircuitPlayground M0 Express boards are brand new, unreleased hardware. Really cool stuff.

The winners of these unreleased boards, and the projects they’ll be using them for are: [RaidDude8] for a light painting system, [gelatinousslime] for a ‘magic wand’ for his daughter that reacts to gestures, [Neon22] for a multiuser game using Neopixels, [turbinenreiter] for a gravity demonstrator using Neopixels and the accelerometer, and [todbot] for a Powermate knob USB HID clone.

During the chat, The folks at Adafruit talked about their additions to MicroPython. It’s a rework of the API, provides better support for more platforms, and extends the entire thing to microcontrollers.  If you like Python and want to get into microcontrollers, this one is for you.

If you missed the chat, you can still check out Adafruit’s live stream right here, or the transcript right here. Below, you can check out Lady Ada awarding the new boards after the break.

We have a few more HackChats coming up in the next few weeks, one with [Sprite_TM], inevitably discussing why he won’t do a crowdfunding campaign for his tiny, tiny Game Boy, an RF talk with [Jenny List], and a chat with Sparkfun. You can check out the upcoming HackChats here. Want to get in on the action? Request to join the HackChat and you’re in.

9 thoughts on “These Five Members Just Won Fancy New CircuitPython Boards

  1. My school had an engine from a MiG-21 standing around in the workshop. In German, we sometimes use the word ‘turbine’ (which is turbine in English) for jet engines like that, tough it’s technically wrong, as the turbine is just a part of the engine. But it sounds cool. The German word ‘reiter’ means rider.

    Out workshop teachers weren’t happy about people sitting on the engine, but the pictures were great!

    Thanks a lot ladyada!

    1. Go read the previous thread. The fork is perfectly reasonable and has the support of the micro python team.

      “a paid advertisement from Adafruit” Not true and not cool dude….

      1. To me it seems like a great addition to MicroPython. There are a bunch of really great new libraries that have been added, and an interpreted language is nothing without decent libraries.

        I do have a general question along those lines though: How do we add new libraries without making an entirely new {Micro/Circuit}Python binary? Is there a library loader of sorts?

    2. Even if it was a paid advertisement (which it isn’t) who cares, Don’t read it if you don’t want to. People like yourself expect everything for nothing. Adafruit has put a hell of a lot of free code out there yet you still have the cheek too moan about it. In order to get the Free shit you so desperately want, they need too make a profit you know to pay staff, Keep the lights on and pay coder’s to write free shit for ungrateful arseholes like yourself.

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