Do Something Constructive Tomorrow

This Saturday is a great day to change the world. It’s Earth Day. There’s a National March for Science where millions will demand evidence-based change. We’re doing our own thing. We’re leading a World Create Day, where hackers gather ’round the soldering iron and find solutions to problems we all face.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been getting Hackaday readers to organize meetups in their hometowns, encouraging them to get a few people over, and sending them a bit of neat Hackaday swag. We couldn’t do this without the community leaders out there, and we’d just like to take a moment and recognize a few of the fablabs and hackerspaces that are making World Create Day possible.

A keyfob that makes turning a lock easier for those with limited mobility

Up in Vancouver, the folks at the Spinal Cord Injury Forum will be spending their World Create Day building tools that make life easier for people with limited mobility. Already they’re doing some awesome work with 3D printing, and with a few more minds tackling these problems, they’re sure to come up with something good.

This is a worldwide event, and we have hackerspaces from Cairo to Osaka taking part. Do you know where Tenerife is? There’s a World Create Day meetup there, too.

To give you a little more encouragement to attend a World Create Day meetup near you, just remember we’re still at the start of the Hackaday Prize, a competition where we’re giving away a quarter million dollars to build hardware that will change the world. Even if there isn’t a World Create Day meetup near you, you can always start your own meetup for tomorrow, or just go solo. And don’t forget to show off what’s going on using the #WorldCreateDay hashtag.

This isn’t an event to miss. When else will you be able to come up with creative solutions to problems with a worldwide audience? Find a meetup near you and do something constructive tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Do Something Constructive Tomorrow

  1. I personally can vouch for the utility of a bi headed key for turning locks. I personally shop key blanks explicitly with large heads due to some grip problems.

    luckily I have a locksmith for a brother and he can source me good equipment without having to mod it.

      1. There’s a whole lot of “makers” who don’t do a whole lot more than read stuff and buy gear. Perhaps they’ll get around to a basic power supply project (or a soldering iron one!), a few blinkenlights projects (maybe with two-way mirror!) with dev boards that will soon collect dust, perhaps a nixie clock and that’s about it. Well, no, there’s also buying a whole lot of expensive test gear that will only collect dust. It’s like 95% of the hobbyists who are like that… That’s why I judge people by their results.

        Anyway. I’d love to enter this year’s HAD contest (and it’s very much in line with the whole “to make lives better”) but my project isn’t something simple that can be finished in a few weeks by a single person or even a small team… Maybe next year, if the general theme stays the same…

      1. If you look at the fuel use vs passengers and count in distance, then compare that to the fuel use for traveling the same long distance by car, you would find that a plane is in fact much cleaner, although it seems counter-intuitive.
        But that’s not for private jets though, never looked at those numbers.

        Also: Al Gore? is this 1995?

        And even then, 1 guy vs pollution of 7+ billion people, not quite a balanced calculation.

        And apart from all that, TM is just being a pitiful small prick. But that’s why he needs that large car I guess ;)

  2. That key thing seems odd, not only would it make it seem to make turning it harder to me, but if you are handicapped like that how did you get it in the keyhole in the first place? Perhaps a more suitable lock would fit better to such circumstances.

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