Alexa In A Bunny Rabbit

The Raspberry Pi is the perfect candidate for Google’s AIY where you can talk to a cardboard box with some electronics in it. [BuddyCasino] took on the challenge of squeezing an Alexa Client in an ESP32 and to make things interesting, a bunny rabbit was chosen as the host of the virtual assistant.

A few months ago, we did a teardown of the Google AIY Kit where [BuddyCasino] commented that he managed to port the Echo Dot client into and ESP32. Sure enough, the video below shows a demonstration of the build in action. The project uses the MAX98357A which is the same I2S DAC used in the Google AIY Voice Hat. For the microphone, the device is again an I2S component however unlike the Google AIY kit which uses the SPH0645LM4H, [BuddyCasino] opted for the ICS-43434.

Two NeoPixels are employed as visual indicators for various purposes. This project is an excellent example of how simple and cheap modern-day designs have become. We are hoping to see the author add more features to the design and who knows maybe we will see a Google Assistant port on the ESP32 in the future. Check out the original teardown for more inspiration.

13 thoughts on “Alexa In A Bunny Rabbit

        1. There are three options:
          – use uSpeech instead, which uses very little RAM
          – Espressif allegedly is developing its own solution, so we could wait for that
          – use the ESP-Wrover instead of ESP-Wroom, which has 4MB external RAM

          In the short term, uSpeech might be the best option.

  1. I would love a service like this, bunny and all; but with a button and careful trigger words to filter sending off to the cloud, I don’t want a home spy system. But it has to be something built to be private, like duckduckgo or ixquick.

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