Hackaday Prize Entry: Smart Electric Bike Controller

One of the more interesting yet underrated technological advances of the last decade or so is big brushless motors and high-capacity batteries. This has brought us everything from quadcopters to good electric cars, usable cordless power tools, and of course electric bicycles. For his Hackaday Prize project, [marcus] is working on a very powerful electric bicycle controller. It can deliver 1000 Watts, it’s got Bluetooth, and there’s even an Android app for some neat diagnostics.

The specs for this eBike controller are pretty much what you would expect. It’s able to deliver a whole Kilowatt, can use 48 V batteries, has regenerative braking, Hall sensors, and has a nifty Android app for settings, displaying speed, voltage and power consumption, diagnostics, and GPS integration.

How is the project progressing? [marcus] has successfully failed a doping test. He lives on the French Riviera, and the Col de la Madonne is a famous road cycling road and favorite test drive of [Lance Armstrong]. The trip from Nice to Italy was beautiful and ended up being a great test of the eBike controller.

9 thoughts on “Hackaday Prize Entry: Smart Electric Bike Controller

  1. I didn’t RTFA, but it looks like a nice project. If he just added a small solar panel to the mix, he could be on to something big. For example, if he is using power 1 hour each day, and the solar panel is charging the batteries 12 hours each day …

  2. The village on the picture is Menton. Froome and Porte are living right next to it in Monaco and also known to use the Col de la Madone as testing ground. Haven’t yet bumped into them though. Either way, am happy to see the positive feedback. Am looking into making a handful of prototype with seeedstudio and probably putting them on tindie. PM me on the project page if you are interested, I’ll put up some more info the next days.

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