World Create Day Is The Hackaday Event In Your Neighborhood

Hackaday World Create Day is on March 17th and it’s happening near you. Get together with hackers in your area and create something. Sign up now to host a World Create Day gathering! These are really easy to organize, but we can only do it with your help.

The Hackaday community from around the world will meetup and spend time building together on Saturday, March 17th. Pick one of those projects you’ve been meaning to dive into and get together with some old and new friends to hack on your projects together.

You should make this day your own. As with any hands-on hacking events it’s a good idea to block out a bit of time at the end for lightning talks to show off the builds everyone has been working on. Make the memories live on past a single day by taking pictures and posting the story of your World Create Day meetup. We enjoyed getting a great look at many of last year’s meetups this way and want to expand the builds we feature on the front page this year.

Meetup Organizers Wanted

Fill out this form to let us know you want to host a meetup.

Every year we have World Create Day meetups all over the world which are set up by local organizers. Many of those will happen again this year, but we also need you to organize an event in your area. We’ll help you get things set up and put your event up on the big map so others in your area will plan to join in. Do it now, if we get your shipping info early we’ll send you stickers and other swag to hand out at your gathering.

Build Something that Matters

The core of World Create Day is to stop making excuses and just build something. Great builds start with a plan. The Hackaday Prize will begin soon, and since you’re already getting together with other people, form a team and dream up your entry.

This is your take on building something that matters to the world. Come up with a plan that solves a problem facing humanity and publish your work on You may be surprised by the support you get for your idea, but you’ll never know until you put an idea out there. Join in Hackaday’s World Create Day on March 17th and let’s show the world the kind of hope that blossoms when we decide to build something that matters.

10 thoughts on “World Create Day Is The Hackaday Event In Your Neighborhood

    1. To state the obvious if no one is planning to have “hacking” events at the Hamvention there will be non. I’d be totally clueless as how to go about it. I most likely will die without attending the Hamvention,enjoy your trip.

  1. Good grief Hackaday, you should give at least a 6-8 week lead time for your ad hock events. Time is required to round up or develop interest. I understand I’m a bit of a stuck record on this point, but hack had negative connotations long before it became associated with computers. Your chosen name adds a need to convince others that you (Hackaday) are docile,non-threatening. Even mentioning Supply Frame would a get a supply who? response from anyone that doesn’t have strong connection with the industries Supply Frame serves. Respectfully Ladies and Gents at Hackaday you are and do can be a tough sell to others that are accomplished in the DIY sector, in my experience anyway.

    1. But, but…
      as Khan said “revenge is a plate best served cold!”

      Hacking is what you do, if you don’t have time, or materials, or plans!
      Aren’t some of the hackiest hacks done when the boss wanted it yesterday?

  2. Could you please enable panning on the map? Right now it’s ok since there’s only a few, but if you’ll need to zoom in it’s going to be impossible to pan around to click on something.

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