Child’s Pushcar Gets Serious Horsepower

A pushcar is a great toy for a young child. They’re great excercise, and kids love anything on wheels. However, the bigger kids might want something with a little more grunt. [Master Milo] has just the thing – an engine from a concrete saw and the fabrication skills to match. (YouTube, embedded below.)

The build starts with the disassembly of the concrete saw, with covers, the saw drive and handle all removed. This leaves a 70 cc petrol engine with a centrifugal clutch already fitted. A steel frame is then built around the engine to mount the rest of the drivetrain. An intermediate shaft is used at the rear to allow for an extra level of gear reduction, and steering up front is handled with parts cribbed from an old ATV. The plastic shell of the pushcar is then fitted over the top and a seat constructed out of scrap wood.

Mechanical parts are in ready supply, with bearings and shafts all sourced from INDI, a European equivalent to McMaster Carr. By purchasing gears, belts and other parts off the shelf, it’s easy to make something that fits first time with a minimum of modification required.

The testing video is worth a watch – with both top speed and handling tests. The platform’s handling does leave something to be desired, but that’s half the fun in a build like this.

We’re no strangers to these projects around these parts – a modded Power Wheels is a great electric take on the same concept.

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  1. I wish there was a good EU equivalent to McMaster, INDI is netherlands only and they block IPs from anywhere outside nl. I am from the uk and even misumi is trade only, best we have (that I know of) is MSC and that is pretty rubbish.

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