Livestream The Hackaday Superconference


The Hackaday Superconference is happening right now and you can join in on the Livestream. Talks begin at 10 am Pacific time on Saturday and Sunday.

The live stream covers one of two stages at the ultimate hardware conference. Topics focus on hardware creation, ranging from silicon chip fabrication, drop-in circuit designs, firmware frameworks, and 3D printing orbital rockets, to abusing printer cartridges, placing circuits on odd substrates, lighter-than-air electronics, and better techniques for building tech in garments, jewelry, props, and other wearables. Saturday evening you can watch as the Hackaday Prize is awarded live on stage, and Sunday afternoon’s festivities show off hardware and software skills with the badge hacking presentations.

There is so much more going on at Supercon besides the talks. The hacker village began Friday morning and continues through the weekend as badge hacking, the SMD soldering challenge, and other shenanigans continue. Get the inside scoop on those happenings by joining the live chat and following Hackaday on social media with #Supercon.

3 thoughts on “Livestream The Hackaday Superconference

  1. Hey everyone! That was a fantastic Supercon. Thanks to all who were there, physically or virtually.

    We’re editing up the livestreams as fast as we can. Check out our uploads for more videos as they get edited aund posted.

    We’ll be pushing out the videos from the Design Lab stage next — there were some really great talks over there too.

    Finally, we’re not going to be able to resist writing up a few of the talks in their entirety, so you’ll be able to read about them too.

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