Infinity Cube Is Gorgeous Yet Simple

Typically when we hear the words “LED” and “Cube”, we think of small blinking devices on protoboard designed to flex one’s programming and soldering skills. However, while [Heliox]’s Cube Infini could be described as “a cube of LEDs”, it’s rather a different beast (video in French, subtitles available).

The cube starts with a 3D printed frame, designed in Fusion 360. The devil really is in the details — [Heliox] puts in nice touches, such as the artistic cube relief on the base, and the smart integrated cable management in the edges. The faces of the cube are plexiglass sheets, covered with a one-way reflective film that is applied in a similar manner to automotive window tint. For lighting, a high-density LED strip is fitted to the inside edges, chosen for maximum visual effect. It’s controlled by an IR remote and a cheap control module from Amazon.

While the build contains no particularly advanced tools, materials, or techniques, the final result is absolutely stunning. It’s a piece we’d love to have as a lamp in a stylish loungeroom or study. [Heliox] does a great job of explaining how the cube is designed and fits together, and it’s a testament to just what can be achieved with a little ingenuity and hard work.

Once you’re done here, check out this ping-pong based build.

[Thanks to Emile for the tip!]

23 thoughts on “Infinity Cube Is Gorgeous Yet Simple

    1. The mirrors on the center cube don’t actually do anything, especially since the cube itself is solid. It might look better if that was printed as edges only. Even then, there may be nothing for those mirrors to actually reflect.

    1. I think the way she did it is a little bit of overkill. Those LED strips will work fine over a 5 m length, so it should be no problem at all to just connect all three strips at each corner, and just wire it to the base from the base corner. This splits the current evenly, three ways, so in effect you’re powering only four strips (about 1 m) through each.

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